How Long after Taking Cialis is it Most Effective

How Long after Taking Cialis is it Most Effective?

Cialis is prescribed for treating erectile dysfunction (ED). It’s commonly called a "weekend pill" due to an unbelievably prolonged duration of its activity, which lasts on average 36 hours. Such long-lasting action (if you take it before…
taking viagra cialis every day

Is it Ok to Take Viagra or Cialis Every Day?

Viagra and Cialis are usually administered on demand, that is, a person takes a pill when he plans to have sex in near time. Sometimes, people need to take these tabs every day. Is it ok? Are there any health risks?Everyday Use of ViagraTheoretically,…
generic viagra manufacturers

Generic Viagra Manufacturers: Companies that Produce Sildenafil Drugs

Viagra is one of the most known pills in the world. However, its branded version, to put it bluntly, is not cheap. Fortunately, there is a widely accepted scheme according to which, when a patent for an original medication expires, other pharmaceutical…
how to take levitra

How to Take Levitra: 3 Useful Recommendations

Levitra is a drug for treating impotence in men. This is one of the most proven and effective sexual enhancers that can overcome the problem of impotence from the very first dose. The original version of the drug was developed by German specialists,…
does cialis make you bigger

Does Cialis Make You Bigger? Explanation of Positive Effect

Can it make the penis bigger?This question sometimes arise in patients’ minds. Let’s try to give a science-backed answer to it.Fast Way: Yes and No! However, it doesn’t help get bigger permanently.Active Agent of CialisThere…
does cialis lose effectiveness

Does Cialis Lose Effectiveness Over Time (When Using Daily or On Demand)?

Cialis is a delightful drug that triumphantly broke into the market in the early 2000s, becoming an influential competitor to Viagra (Sildenafil). However, there are no magic drugs, sometimes even the brightest stars of the pharmaceutical industry…
female Cialis

Female Cialis: Does it Exist and Does It Work?

In online pharmacies, Viagra for women (Female Pink Viagra) is gaining popularity. What about Cialis? Is there a female version of “The Weekend Pill”, a record holder for the duration of the action?A Couple of Words about CialisThese…
cialis or viagra

Is 20mg Cialis Equal to 100mg Viagra: Tadalafil / Sildenafil Doses Comparison

It is known that the maximum dosage of the original Viagra is 100 milligrams of sildenafil.The maximum dosage of branded Cialis is only 20 mg of tadalafil.However, can these dosages of two drugs be considered equal in terms of the…
Counterfeited Drugs

The Dangers of Counterfeited (Fake) Viagra

Online pharmacies are a very convenient way to buy the necessary medicines, especially those for treating ED. After all, men value their privacy very much and do not want anyone to know about their problems. Unfortunately, the online pharmaceutical…

Generic Drugs by Canadian Health&Care Mall

You come to the drugstore with the prescription list, but instead of the preparation which is written out by the doctor with a famous trade mark or brand, the pharmaceutist offers you other medicine of similar appointment, explaining it to that…