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About Stress Introduction

If you want to know more about stress, it means you address rightly. This article is directed to tell you all the truth about stress. Let’s become familiar with the key elements of this notion as stress.

Stress is any deviation from normal health conditions. The stress arises both in a situation of strong grief, and in case of huge pleasure. The stress equally can cause salary increase and dismissal.

Expectation of misfortune or pleasant expectations becomes reason for stress not rare than real troubles. Do you worry, whether you will be called on interview? Stress. You rejoice, that you have found good job? Again stress.

The reasons

The reasons of stress may be various. Women are especially at risk zone to the stress caused by hormonal changes. During puberty, establishment of a menstrual cycle, pregnancy and a climax levels of hormones are unstable, as causes stress.

Emotional and physical changes, diseases, influence of environment (for example, strong cold or an intolerable heat, big height above sea level and toxins) are common stress causes. The excessive physical tension and loadings quickly lead to organism exhaustion. For restoration of dissipated energy stocks the organism needs to take a timeout, and you thus endure stress. To overcome stress it is better to have rest for some time, to find the way of relaxation to take tranquillizers. Such preparations you may order via Canadian Pharmacy.


There is an opinion that all diseases appears as a result of stress. Whether is it true? Researches of stress influence on our health are still proceeding. The stress can promote to development practically of any disease, from a waist pains and sleeplessness to cancer and asthenic syndrome. Often lack of periods or plentiful menstrual allocations is explained by stress. The hormonal imbalance caused by stress can provoke growth of fibrocellular tumors and endometreosis, and also complicates conception for couples which have problems with fertility. Heart disorders are the most common cause of death in America. The stress happens the reason of hypertension, heart attacks, tachycardia and stroke often. As a result of the endured stress some women face violations of sexual behavior and sexual problems. Not to be involved in such troubles you should get rid of stress and you may do it easily with Canadian Pharmacy articles

The consequences of stress

Often consequences of stress are manifested in fatigue, rapid fatigability, pain (including head), emotional frustration like uneasiness, depression and sleep disorders. The stress causes also digestive tract diseases, for example, ulcers, spasms in the lower part of stomach, colitis and irritable bowel syndrome. Besides people who are often enduring stress are more subject to catarrhal and infectious diseases that may be explained by the weakened immune system. The stress can also become the reason of skin diseases, for example, to cause an itch and rash.


It is impossible completely to expel stress from our life. Nevertheless, application of some the technician of stress reduction can eliminate its separate negative consequences. Management of stress means healthy food, regular trainings fitness and relaxation in the quiet weakening atmosphere.

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Dr. Douglas Goldberg, MD is a Cardiology Specialist in Mineola, NY. He is affiliated with medical facilities Nyu Winthrop Hospital and Mercy Medical Center.