Treatment and Causes of Radiculitis

General Information

Radiculitis is a nervous system disease which is characterized by root of spinal nerve disorder. The main symptom of this disease is a back or neck pain in a damage place.


Radiculitis arises being caused by a spinal nerves inflammation.

The main reason for a disease is osteochondrosis which hasn’t been cured in time. Old spine injuries, spinal disc herniation, calcination of cartilages and joints can sometimes provoke a disease. In some cases stressful situations, a metabolic disorder, infectious diseases, a raising of weights can give an impetus to development of a disease.


The main symptom of radiculitis is pain which localization depends on a damage place. Pain can be dull, acute and sharp, periodic or constant, bringing the patient to be exhausted. Also decrease in muscular strength weakness, sleep, tingling and burning is observed.


Radiculitis is subdivided into such types depending on a place of spinal nerves damage:

  • cervical and cervicobrachial;
  • thoracic;
  • lumbar.


Cervical radiculitis is characterized by root of spinal nerve damage in cervical region of vertebral column. The main symptom of cervical radiculitis is a neck pain which extends on hands muscles. Pain has a sudden character and may develop when head rotation. It is difficult for a patient to find a convenient pose for sleeping, the sharp a neck and hands pain can disturb at night. Pain can be weakened a little, accurately turning or inclining the head. Muscular force in hands up to total loss of sensitivity can weaken considerably.


Thoracic radiculitis is characterized by localization of a disease in thoracic spine. It meets less than lumbar or cervical.

Symptoms of thoracic radiculitis is pain, tingling and thoracic limb sleep, and also muscular force weakness. Osteoarthritis, discal hernia, osteophyte and various spine injuries can be the reasons of disease development.


Lumbar radiculitis is the most widespread form of a disease. The place of localization is a lumbar spine. Sometimes lumbar radiculitis is called an ischialgia.


Let’s speak about the treatment of radiculitis. Radiculitis brings its sufferers discomfort to such extent that they are not able to move besides the treatment is a long-term and undertaking process.

In this case earlier the treatment is applied faster you will receive the result.

Treatment of radiculitis is a complex and directed not only on decrease in pain, but also on restoration of mobility and normal functioning of vertebras. Drug treatment of radiculitis includes purpose of anti-inflammatory preparations, anesthetics, vitamins of group B, and also the warming means.

At radiculitis physiotherapy exercises, manual therapy and medical massage are recommended. Treatment of radiculitis includes both medicamental, and non-drug methods that allow to reach the maximum effect. To speak about drugs you may check out the website of Canadian Health&Care mall, a drug store providing with an outstanding service and well qualified drugs.


Everything about Gastritis

General Information

Gastritis is an inflammation of a gastric mucosa. This is one of the most frequent diseases of a digestive tract recently gaining the increasing distribution. Considering that the stomach is a key element in food splitting it is clear why this disease is reflected not only in all digestive tract, but also in all without exception systems of an organism, considerably reducing quality of patient’s life.


It has been considered for a long time that the main reasons of gastritis are an improper feeding and a constant psychoemotional state.

However, the Australian scientists Robin Warren and Barry Marshall during the conducted researches convincingly proved that the leading role in gastritis development belongs to Helicobacter pylori.


Helicobacter pylori is the bacterium which managed to adapt to high acidity, and living in a gastric mucosa, adjoining there to glands releasing causticus hydrochloric acid.

Infection transfers airborne: through the general ware, toothbrushes, kisses, etc. Before discovery of Warren and Marshall such was considered impossible, it was supposed that hydrochloric acid destroys all microorganisms.

In 2005 scientists got the Nobel Prize for the opening as it allowed to develop effective treatment of gastritis and stomach ulcer.


According to the disease character we distinguish acute gastritis and chronic gastritis.

According to the inflammation type gastritis shares on the following forms:

  • Erosive gastritis at which the bleeding erosion on a gastric mucosa are formed;
  • Superficial gastritis at which only the top layer of a gastric mucosa is involved in process;
  • Atrophic gastritis;
  • Hypertrophic gastritis;
  • Gastritis with the increased gastric juice secretion;
  • Gastritis with the lowered secretion of gastric juice.


It is very important to treat gastritis timely because it may really destroy even all functions in the organism that’s why do not put this problem into a cold storage and the way out may be drugs sold by Canadian Health&Care mall. It is a very famous pharmaceutical company carrying out their activity in the Internet and shipping drugs internationally.

Gastritis basic of treatment is an antibiotic therapy to which Helicobacter pylori is sensitive and the preparations contain bismuth salt. The antibiotic destroys Helicobacter pylori, and bismuth salt promote healing of the gastric mucosa formed defects. The preparations reducing secretion of gastric juice, anesthetizing and spazmolitik can be in addition appointed.

However it is necessary to point out that nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are not suitable for gastritis treatment. These preparations are a factor of the increased risk of gastritis formation as irritate a gastric mucosa.

During remission of chronic gastritis effectively treatment of gastritis with application of mineral waters for what usually to the patient appoint sanatorium treatment.

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Nervous System and Smoking

Nervous system

The nervous system is divided on central and peripheral. The central nervous system consists of Cerebrospinal axis. Peripheral includes nerves which connect the central nervous system with all other organs. It is also distinguish the so-called vegetative nervous system consisting of the sympathetic and tenth cranial nerves which go to the same internals and regulate in them the processes which aren’t depending on consciousness of the person. Action of the sympathetic and tenth cranial nerves are opposite. At the normal level of excitability of both parts of vegetative nervous system internals function correctly. At violation of its normal activity there are so-called vegetative neurosis.


The doctrine about acquired reflexes helps to explain influence of smoking on the organism: when the person for the first time begins to smoke a cigarette, he immediately has a protective reflex namely cough. Some people at poisoning with tobacco have nausea and vomiting. At the smoker who is repeatedly smoking after a lunch the conditioned reflex is developed: once he eats, already there is a wish to light.

The type of cigarettes and the smoking people, a room situation where the person smoked all the time are the conditional irritants promoting that the hand reaches for a pack. Not without reason smokers, having changed scenery, rather easily give up smoking. However they should return to work as the requirement to smoke arises again, though to a lesser extent. It can disappear only in case the person once and for all decides to be exempted from smoking. To become free from smoking you may together with Canadian Health&Care Mall at


Nicotine is the strongest poison. Especially active it affects the vegetative nervous system, breaking its regulating influence on inner organs work. Frustration of cardiovascular system and digestive organs at smokers in many respects depend on violations of vegetative nervous system functions. Chronic poisoning with nicotine affects and higher nervous activity of smokers. They quite often have memory disorders. These violations take place soon after the smoking termination. Neuropathologists repeatedly observed the development of epilepsy in smokers: the termination of smoking facilitated disease recurrence or completely liquidated attacks. Though nicotine in these cases was also not a cause of illness, but it promoted its manifestation at these patients. If you are smoking you’d better to check out the website of Canadian Health&Care Mall to find the preparation effective to help you to give up smoking –


Overfatigue of nervous system and nervous debility also often arise at experienced smokers. People working hard and keeping unhealthy lifestyle push their organism to smoke more which may lead to much overfatigue, to the possibility to smoke more and more. As a result of this actions dizziness, headaches, insomnia and giddiness appear.

It is better not to begin smoking at all because it makes more harm than good. It is not fashionable already to stay and smoke, it doesn’t make you beautiful or cool as the teenagers think. To be cool you should live in harmony with yourself and behave as you get used to do.