Procedures Used to Diagnose Erectile Dysfunction

Most males who suffer from erectile dysfunction (impotence) symptoms will definitely strive for medical appointment in order to reveal the underlying cause. Although this can be pretty unpleasant and time-consuming process, it’s a key thing needed to understand causative factors and develop appropriate treatment.

An Introduction to ED Diagnosing Methods in Medicine

Healthcare professionals use a multitude of methods to clarify whether a male is suffering from impotence. Understanding techniques used can be task, so it is a good idea to learn more about available assessment techniques before visiting a healthcare facility. This would be helpful for reducing anxiety prior to doctor’s consultation, which makes the visit much more relaxed, as well as improves efficiency of the session. The following procedures are most commonly used (or sometimes applied) for diagnostic analysis:

Psychogenic or Physical Origins of ED? Nocturnal Erections

Healthcare professionals always ask the patient if they have ever had an erection during the lifetime (this especially concerns nighttime erections). For instance, if a male experience the so-called nocturnal erections but cannot get hard before sexual intercourse, that may signalize psychogenic problems. If he feels embarrassed and anxious when having intimate conversation with a lady, psychological issue is most likely the underlying problem. So if the doctor observes some psychological problems, he or she may ask several questions which will help to identify depression / anxiety etc.

morning wood

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Measuring Nocturnal Tumescence

Almost all males experience unconscious erections during the rapid eye movement (abbreviated REM) phase of sleep. Potential issues which might affect this natural condition include neurologic or vascular issues which negatively influence penile structures. A snap or a special strain gauge (penile plethysmograph) might be used to find out such erections. However, in rare cases, men may not have nighttime wood but experience a sufficient erection when having sex.

Urine and Blood Tests

A sample of your blood may show signs (or absence) of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, or other illnesses that might trigger ED. Urinalysis may also be helpful, in particular, in diabetes mellitus diagnosis.

Bulbocavernosus Reflex Test (BRT)

This is a rare manual test which may be performed by the doctor. He or she makes some manipulations with the penis parts to check its responsivity. Anus muscles should be contracted, while the time period between influencing the genitals and anal sphincter muscle contraction helps to evaluate nerve functionality.

Penile Ultrasound

Penile ultrasound is a non-invasive, pretty informative, and safe manipulation that allows to explore the internal structure of the organ. Ultrasound diagnostics provide the specialist with the opportunity to assess the internal changes that occur in the structure of the genitals, to evaluate condition of all parts of the male organ , including the corpora cavernosa, albuminous membranes, and blood vessels (veins and arteries). Ultrasound also allows authenticate if the blood is flowing properly within the penile organ.

penile ultrasound device

Corpus Cavernosometry

This is a functional diagnostic study, which consists in the introduction of a physiological saline solution into the cavernous bodies of the penis using a special roller pump. This is necessary to create an artificial erection and measure its characteristics.

Using cavernosometry, the delivery rate of saline and the time of onset of erection are estimated. This procedure is performed to diagnose and evaluate the quality of treatment for vascular erectile dysfunction associated with excessive outflow of blood from the penis or poor extensibility of the cavernous bodies during an erection. This study is usually carried out together with cavernosography (a type of radiography in which X-ray contrast drugs are injected into the erect penis, and then a series of medical photos is taken in various projections). First, cavernosometry is performed, then, its natural continuation is cavernosography.

erection tests

Magnetic Resonance Angiography

This procedure involves scanning the affected area. However, doctors use a different technology called magnetic resonance imaging. A contrast substance may be used to ensure good quality of imaging. For instance, this diagnostic method may be used to diagnose priapism, a very rare condition which may occur as side effect of Viagra.

Treatment Suggestions

If erectile dysfunction diagnosed, the next step is choosing the appropriate treatment. It usually includes oral treatment remedies belonging to PDE5 inhibitors family (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra). However, dietary adjustments, exercise regimes, abandoning bad habits should be integral parts of successful treatment.

Tips for Daily Management of Erectile Dysfunction (ED): What To Know

Male impotence in the form of a lack of persistent erection is one of the most delicate problem in the life of males. The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction (ED) is established with persistent and periodic signs of inability to have normal sexual intercourse. If such cases become a regularity, then this is a signal to start treatment.

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Myths and Fake Cures for Erectile Dysfunction

When a man is almost cornered with a sexual problem such as erectile dysfunction (ED), he is ready to use any means. Impotence occurs for a number of reasons and is accompanied by a lack of persistent erection and a corresponding climax in the form of ejaculation. There are many drugs and methods for ‘adjusting’ the path from erection to ejaculation, which often cannot even begin. However, the informational space is flooded with myths and fake cures for ED.

Urine Therapy and Change of Partners Against ED

Potency disorder existed long before the development of science and pharmacology. Despite modern and proven remedies, ancient and dubious healing methods are still common in the 21st century. Among them, urinotherapy using urine of pregnant women only–a completely wild approach, but is still under pseudoscientific discussion. Conspiracies, decoctions, and magical rites ‘deservedly’ compete with it.

urine therapy ed

A large block of misconceptions in improving erection refers to the exclusion of prerequisites (alleged underlying factors). For example, there is an opinion that excessive masturbation and frequent watching adult films can lead to impotence. If one avoid such weaknesses, intimate embarrassment will supposedly go away. These strange methods also include abstinence or sex with one partner. Particularly cunning ‘sufferers’ explain their diversity of sexual relations due to necessity of overcoming erectile dysfunction.

Fake Natural Methods: Herbal Medicine and Monkfish Liver

Ineffective ways to get rid of impotence include drugs that mistakenly refer to the concept of medication treatment. Such remedies are offered in the form of ointments, sprays and in tablet form. Some of them are advertised by actors from the adult film industry as the only method for solving problems with blood circulation in the penis. The composition of these “panacea” methods includes plant components:

  • seeds of pumpkin, amaranth and other fruits;
  • roots of ginseng, Chinese yams and a mysterious red plant;
  • Northern or Irish moss;
  • leaves or flowers of Epimedium, sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia), etc.

In addition, substances of animal origin–musk of beaver, antlers of deer, and even liver of monkfish–became very widespread, partly due to influence of Chinese folk medicine. Thousands of pseudoscientists have volumes of evidence in the effectiveness of plant and animal extracts. However, official medicine does not confirm the results of such treatment.

natural viagra supplements

Do Natural Alternatives to Viagra Really Work?

Evidence Based Medicine in Action

Among these medications and supplements, there are those containing ineffective active ingredients. These include drugs based on antibodies to endothelial NO synthase. They can have a temporary effect, but can be addictive or have unpleasant side effects. Their use is often correlated with the individual characteristics of the body. These pharmaceutical products are used in some countries in Europe and, for obvious reasons, are not approved in the United States (at least as medicines).

The pharmacological group called PDE5 inhibitors has a significant role in treating ED. The most known one is sildenafil. This substance is part of several manufactured drugs under different names. The most common of these is Viagra. It should be borne in mind that taking really working tablets should be strictly according to the instructions in order to avoid negative consequences on general health.

pde5 inhibitors

The protocols for the effective treatment of ED also feature injections of alprostadil and pure testosterone. Alprostadil (Caverject trade name) is injected into the genital organ and has a local effect on the vessels. When it comes to testosterone, the doctor may prescribe a single injection of male hormone with a repeat of up to several times a year. There is also an external application option for absorption through the skin from the abdomen. Testosterone therapy may be helpful for ED when this sexual disorder is associated with T hormone deficiency. When choosing a really helpful remedy against ED, you should consult a doctor or use only proven medications. Specialists do not allow the use of herbal medicine and homeopathy in solving erectile dysfunction. Also, do not experiment with dubious, and sometimes dangerous remedies based on people’s advice.

How to Know if You Have Erectile Dysfunction? A Short Guide

Most men have experienced erectile dysfunction at least once. One-time failures are possible for everyone, but when the problem becomes systemic, this indicates an unpleasant disease called erectile dysfunction. Some men tend to interpret even regular failures as temporary malfunctions, but they simply do not want to recognize this vile disease. How to understand if you suffer from erectile dysfunction?

Signs That Will Help Answer The Question

  1. Confidence while achieving an erection. If you feel very unconfident and worry about the process, this may be a sign of a psychological disorder or the presence of physiological problems that make you nervous.
  2. The hardness of the penis. If you cannot achieve an erection at all under any circumstances, then you have a serious organic dysfunction. If your penis can become hard when you are alone, but lets you down when you with a woman, then you have psychogenic problems. Insufficient rigidity may indicate ED at the initial or moderate stage.
  3. The ability to maintain an erection during penetration. If you do this poorly, this is an alarming signal.
  4. Maintaining an erection after ejaculation. A refractory period inevitably occurs in men after orgasm. It means the penis loses its hardness. With age, the duration of this period increases. However, if the organ extremely rapidly loses an erection immediately after ejaculation, this may be a sign of an improper condition of erectile function.
  5. Satisfactory sexual activity. If your adventures in bed do not bring you satisfaction and instead cause a feeling of frustration and additional experiences, you should consult a doctor, at least a sexologist (since this situation can be caused not only by health disorders but also by interpersonal problems between partners).
ed signs

If all of the above circumstances are negative, that is, you feel insecure when getting an erection, the hardness of the penis is insufficient or virtually absent, and so on, then you suffer from moderate or severe ED. If only a few have a negative tint, you may have mild ED or some psychological problems.

What Are The Risks Of Developing Erectile Dysfunction?

Most often, erectile dysfunction is a consequence of the following factors (combined or single):

  • smoking
  • heart disease and diabetes
  • drug use and excessive alcohol consumption
  • the use of certain medications, in particular, antidepressants, drugs to treat benign prostate hyperplasia etc.
  • obesity and overweight
  • injuries that result in damage to nerves or arteries that play key role in achieving an erection
  • psychological disorders, such as depression and anxiety

In general, the healthier the person, the lower the risks of developing ED and vice versa. Age itself is not a factor od ED development, however, older males often suffer from a variety of diseases that might cause impotence.

What To Do?

viagra best ed treatment

Erectile dysfunction may indicate the presence of more serious disorders in the body. This disease itself is not life threatening, although it has a frustrating effect. To conduct a comprehensive diagnosis, you should consult a doctor, do the necessary tests, undergo a physical examination, etc. This will help identify other potential health problems and prescribe the necessary treatment.

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Erectile dysfunction is treatable in most cases. Effective medications for oral administration can eliminate the symptoms of the disease in half an hour. But keep in mind that Viagra and Cialis are not a panacea. To get rid of the disease, you need to eliminate the root problem, for example, psychological disorder, poor state of blood vessels, low testosterone levels. Therefore, you should definitely consider and implement lifestyle changes, adjust principles of your nutrition. It is also very important to be physically active. Training and even simple walking accelerate the flow blood throughout the body, which positively affects all organs and systems, including the reproductive one.

Cocaine and Erectile Dysfunction. An Example of Drugs’ Dangers

Despite reported decline in cocaine use over the past decade, recent data indicate a resurgence (Drug and Alcohol Dependence Journal, 2017). Due to stimulant properties of ‘booger sugar’, it can remarkably boost sex drive. However, continuing use of the narcotic will adversely affect all domains of sexual/reproductive function.

Cocaine and Its Negative Health Effects

Cocaine is a drug released from coca leaves (family Erythroxylaceae). They usually sniff it, it causes a feeling of energy and euphoria. Cocaine is one of the most famous drugs. The famous drug lord Pablo Escobar was involved in the transportation of cocaine, he built his fortune on it (with the sad end though).

cocaine and erectile dysfunction

With prolonged use, the following general negative effects of cocaine are manifested:

  • sleep disturbances
  • fast fatigue and memory impairment
  • frequent nosebleeds and runny nose (due to nasal route of drug use)
  • obsessive movements and tremors
  • depression
  • psychoses and delusions
  • suicidal tendencies
  • cardiovascular complications (myocardial infarction, cardiomyopathy, sudden cardiac death, etc.)
  • respiratory failure
  • aggressive and even criminal/offensive behavior
  • hallucinations
  • headache and persistent nausea

Long-Terms Effects of Cocaine on Sexual Health

Probably a single dose of cocaine won’t affect your erectile function (this does not mean that we encourage the use of illicit drugs, it is harmful and destructive practice in any case). However, people who develop addiction begin to need larger doses over time to achieve a similar euphoric effect, and cocaine gradually begins to ruin the reproductive system. In the medium to long term, this substance:

  • reduces libido (sex drive)
  • leads to loss of sensation during intercourse
  • may cause premature ejaculation
  • adversely affects blood flow, leading to poor erection (erectile dysfunction)
cocaine and sexual health

The main reason cocaine causes erectile dysfunction is vasoconstriction (narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels), as a result of which the vessels deliver less blood and oxygen to penile tissues.

It is sad to say, but the negative effects of cocaine on sexual health are irreversible, despite the fact that they develop slowly and often are hardly noticeable. According to studies, many men experienced problems with sexual functioning even after they stopped using the drug.

It should also be noted that cocaine use is associated with increased risks of committing sexual assault.

How to Know If You Have ED? A Short Guide.

The Interaction of Viagra and Cocaine

Viagra itself is a potent drug that has some effect on the cardiovascular system. That is why, before using Viagra, it is advisable to consult a doctor. As for the action of cocaine, when the drug enters the bloodstream, its active substances are sent directly to the heart, due to which the frequency of its beating increases significantly. As a result, the body develops short-term hyperactivity, then its sharp decline and the so-called state of euphoria occur.

In the case of a combination of Viagra and this narcotic substance, the load on the heart increases tremendously.

Viagra and cocaine

Such a load is contraindicated in the main pump and motor of the body; it simply may not stand it. The separation of the chord of the heart valve and clogging of blood vessels can occur. Apparently, there can be nothing good from such a cocktail, and those who mistakenly think that Viagra-cocaine combination will enhance sexual sensations risk their health.

From a single dose of Viagra and cocaine, nothing significant can happen, but irreversible consequences will begin to develop. Viagra is not a field for experimenting with various prohibited substances. The above statements also apply to other medicines to combat male impotence.

Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction and the Use of Narcotics

ED drugs are very popular in an entertainment environment and are often combined with drugs, especially at night parties. This increases the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections. In addition, in combination with poppers or illegal / semi-illegal products that emit nitrates or nitric oxide, ED medications can enhance the effect of these substances. Doctors have repeatedly warned of its incompatibility with poppers, this dangerous combination can cause a sharp drop in pressure and a heart attack, even death. It is interesting that in 2015, Lamar Odom, ex-husband of Khloe Kardashian and a famous basketball player, was hospitalized due to an overdose on drugs and Viagra.

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Obesity and Men’s Health: A Hazardous Influence

Obesity is a scourge of modern times. Despite the fact that millions of people in the world suffer from malnutrition and hunger, about 1.5 billion have excess weight. And this is not always a symbol of well-being. Vice versa, obesity (and overweight) is associated with a host of health problems.

What Is Obesity And What Are Causes OF THE DISEASE?

Obesity is a chronically developing illness associated with overabundance of fat in the organism, which adversely affects human health. Typically, obesity is determined through BMI (Body Mass Index), which allows one to assess the degree of compliance with the weight and height of an individual. A BMI that is equal to or higher than 30 is believed to be a sign of obesity. However, this is not always the correct method, since a person can have a lot of weight, which is mainly due to muscle mass and not fat. The diagnosis is determined in each case.

obesity and men's health

The Dangerous Effects Of Obesity

Here are some of the negative effects of obesity (with scientifically revealed anecdotal evidence):

  • Increased load on the joints. An obese person is about 60% more likely to develop arthritis than a healthy person with normal weight.
  • Increasing bad cholesterol. In individuals with obesity, ‘bad’ cholesterol tends to be high, while ‘good’ chol is usually low.
  • Increased risk of diabetes. Being overweight / obese increases risks to develop diabetes type 2. Cells of the body become more resistant to insulin which leads to negative consequences (diabetes symptoms).
  • Erectile dysfunction. According to Polish scientists Bogdanski P., Skrypnik D. et al, obesity is a significant independent risk factor for ED in men. Some extremely obese people have no physical ability to have sex at all.
  • Decreased testosterone and libido. Obesity is associated with decreased T levels and vice versa. Low testosterone is a key factor in decreasing sex drive.
  • Prostatitis. The role of obesity in prostatitis development still remains unclear, but some links may exist. However, data is contradictory. Some scientists have shown the opposite results: high BMI may be associated with lower incidence of prostate diseases, but that’s not a reason to remain obese.

Please note that this is not an exclusive list. Obesity increases the risk of dozens of diseases and it is unrealistic to talk about all of them in one article.

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How To Fight Against Excess Weight Smartly?

If you have excess weight and even obesity, you must definitely combat it. It is not a matter of fashion canons or modern ideals of how a person should look. Good physical condition is the key to your health, and obesity is the path to various diseases, especially cardiovascular ones.

There are seven principles for successful fat burning:

  • Adhere to proper nutrition. The basis of your diet should consist of fruits, veggies, legumes, whole grains and lean meats. In addition, reduce your sugar intake, better choose unsaturated fats instead of saturated fats and boycott trans fats.
  • Ensure the correct energy balance. You must spend more energy (calories) than you consume. To lose a pound of fat per week, you need to create a daily calorie deficit of 500 kcal (approximately). This rule is suitable for people with a high degree of obesity, in other cases it is enough to create a caloric deficit amounting to 20% of the daily norm. Do not forget to consume enough water. According to the Institute of Medicine (2005), references are on average 3.7 liters for men and 2.7 liters for women. It is also recommended to take breaks in dieting, for example, you can do 1 cheat day a week. This will help you to keep the diet and avoid the phenomenon called yo-yo dieting, when a person reaches a breaking point after a rigid diet and regains former weight.
  • Do strength training. Cardio sessions are effective, but if you want to burn fat efficiently and quickly, dumbbells and barbells in the gym should help you. Scientists have found that strength training during a low-calorie diet can prevent muscle loss, which is very important.
  • Do not forget about cardio training. The respected American Heart Association recommends a minimum of 25 minutes of intense aerobic activity (jogging, swimming, cycling) three times a week. If you have high cholesterol and pressure, cardio should be done about 40 minutes 3-4 times a week.
obesity treatment
  • Relax enough and don’t be nervous. It has been proven that psychosocial stress leads to an increase in bodyweight in ladies and gentlemen, which is associated with increased production of the insidious hormone cortisol. Keep in mind that the optimal duration of sleep for most people is 7-8 hours.
  • You can use sports nutrition. It contains important nutrients in concentrated form, which can be difficult to obtain from regular nutrition. The most efficient and widely known used supplements include protein powders, creatine, BCAA, arginine, and L-carnitine.
  • Measure results. It is important to monitor your progress so that you know whether you are on the right track. In addition, before and after photos is a fabulously motivating thing.
  • Enjoy. If the process of weight loss is a burden for you, don’t expect satisfactory results. You have a lot of choices, keep this in mind. Say, if you do not like a certain kind of physical activity, change it, most importantly, stay in motion.

Erectile Dysfunction in Transgenders: Causes and Treatment

Equal rights of people and the development of human rights of the last generation (the so-called gender rights) in many countries have led to an increase in the number of medical services for transgender people. For a substantial sum of money, everyone can change their gender and make a male genital organ. However, since this is not a full-fledged penis, the risk of developing erectile dysfunction in them is extremely high compared with ordinary men (given the fact that the prevalence of ED is high a priori). What caused this situation and how to deal with it?

Transgender People in the USA and their Problems

About 1.5 million adults in the United States are transgender people. About half of them are transr men, that is, persons who have a female gender from birth, but have a male identity. Many of them have done or want to do a sex change procedure, the so-called gender affirmation surgery. The result of this operation is the formation of neophallus from the skin of the forearm and urethra. Sometimes a scar on the forearm is extremely visible and may be treated as sign of phalloplasty in the past and for many men who want to hide this fact, this can be a problem.

problems of transgenders

But there is another critical problem. Formed neophallus can be used for constant urination, but it is not suitable for sexual intercourse because it does not have cavernous structures for filling with blood and hardening.

According to a study by Mauro E. Kerckhof et al. (The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2019), trans women / men most frequently experienced the following sexual difficulties:

  • problems with initiating sexual intercourse (approx. 30%)
  • difficulties with reaching orgasm (about 15%)

Besides this, trans women who had vaginoplasty less often suffered from low sexual desire (decreased libido) and aversion to sex.

This information was obtained by filling an online questionnaire by more than 500 trans persons (307 identifying predominantly as females and 211 as males). A large percentage of the persons experienced dysfunctions after a surgery on genitalia. 

Treatment of Erectile Failure in Transgender Men

According to studies, one of the factors that reduce interest in phalloplasty is the lack of reliable and safe devices that would allow one to have a full erectile function.

For pronounced virilization of people (their physiological transformation from woman to man), hormonal drugs are used. However, it is not known for certain whether Viagra can help treat erectile dysfunction in transgender men. There are no relevant studies, but it can be assumed that this medication will have low efficiency due to the artificial structure of the new organ (neophallus). It has a similar shape, but excellent structure, it does not have full cavernous bodies, in which the action of Viagra is directed to increase blood flow. However, it is known that sildenafil can enhance arousal in women, that is, theoretically, it can have a positive effect on the genital area in transgenders. In any case, if you are a transgender man and want to try Viagra, you should definitely consult a doctor.

External Devices

Internal penile prostheses are one of the most popular ways to get penetrative sex. However, their implementation is fraught with various complications and is associated with a host of risks. Therefore, many individuals try to resort to non-invasive methods.

device for transgenders

For example, in the USA, the Elator device is being tested. The new development consists of two silicone rings connected by a rod. One ring is worn at the base of the organ, while the other ring supports the head (glans), providing the necessary extension of the penis. If the device successfully passes the test, hundreds of thousands of American trans men will receive an additional tool to ensure proper erectile function.

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Sexual dysfunctions in transgender people are very common, but you can find means to deal with them in the market. If you make informed decisions and choose proven medicines / devices, the problem is solvable in many cases. However, the study of problems leaves much to be desired at the moment.

What Doctor Treats Erectile Dysfunction?

Reaching the age of 40, about half of men may experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) of a certain degree. But according to statistics, less than 20 percent goes to the doctor when symptoms of mild or moderate ED appear. Of course, in urgent cases, you can buy Viagra online to quickly eliminate the symptoms. But given the predictive properties of erectile dysfunction, it is important to consult a doctor. This disorder may indicate more serious malfunctions in the body, so it is important to undergo a complete medical diagnosis, including taking a biochemical blood test and getting electrocardiography.

Urologist – Head Physician in the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Urologists are specialists who help treat diseases of the genitourinary system (for example, rapid urination and impaired erectile function).

The urologist performs the following steps to properly diagnose ED:

  • studies medical anamnesis and sexual history
  • does a physical examination (will check the penile organ and testicles, probably take your arterial pressure and listen to heartbeat)
  • may order some urine / blood tests, based on the data obtained during physical examination
  • may recommend overnight erection test (medical name is nocturnal penile tumescence test), which is needed to confirm if a man have an erection at night; if it shows its presence, there is a high probability that ED has mental nature;
  • may use injection test, that is, perform a penile shot with an erection-causing substance, if penis doesn’t get hard, this can mean blood circulation issues
  • may resort to ultrasound tests (Doppler method), which also helps to detect blood flow problems, they can be used simultaneously with injections
  • if he notices some emotional problems, he may ask several questions regarding your psychological condition

Urologists may find problems in your reproductive system, such as benign prostate hyperplasia (which may contribute to ED), nerve damage, and excessive urine volume.

blood test erectile dysfunction

When Do I Need the Help of an Endocrinologist?

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by hormonal misbalance. There are three diseases of this type that can cause a worsening of an erection:

  • Andropause (also called ‘male menopause’ or ‘penopause’, especially in Dutch-speaking communities). During andropause, testosterone decreases. The muscles are converted to fat; the sexual drive diminishes and erections are no longer as hard as in a man’s twenties. Because the balance between estrogen and testosterone is ruined, a man become feminized, and his erections weaken.  
  • High prolactin levels in the body. This hormone is responsible for controlling sperm production. Hyperprolactinemia suppresses sperm formation and may negatively affect sex drive along with erectile function.
  • Disrupted thyroid hormone levels (too high or too low). Both conditions may affect an ability to have erections, although researchers are not sure why this happens.

Endocrine diseases require specific treatment, which may be hormonal.

which doctor treats ed

Psychotherapist Can Help with Psychogenic ED

If erectile dysfunction is of a psychological nature, that is, it arose not because of physiological disorders, but because of increased nervousness before sex, sexual complexes, behavioral factors in the interaction between partners, etc., the help of a psychotherapist can be very useful. There is no need to treat organic pathology, but symptomatic treatment of ED can be prescribed.

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Using Viagra, Cialis or a similar drug, a man, as it were, trains his psyche. For a certain period, medications become a lifesaver for him, but as the psychological mechanisms of protection against nervousness and fears develop, the tablets are gradually canceled. But with qualified intervention and the use of existing methods, the patient can avoid pharmacological support, which is especially important if there are contraindications or inefficiency of the tablets due to the strongly expressed negative mental experiences. A doctor may give him special questionnaires which help to reveal anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders.

However, with organic ED, PDE5i medications, Viagra-type pills, are almost irreplaceable.

Can Vasectomy Lead to Erectile Dysfunction in Men?

There is a common myth among men that vasectomy leads to impotence or erectile dysfunction. How justified is it? Doctors believe that it is completely unjustified. Vice versa, some men even note the growth of their sexual abilities after surgery. Scientists have reason to argue that after a vasectomy, hormonal activity and body rejuvenation are activated.

What is a Vasectomy?

Vasectomy is a surgery to sterilize a man. It sounds scary, but in fact it is not as horrible as may seem. The purpose of the surgery is to prevent the spermatozoa from mixing with the ejaculate. For this, all that is needed is to block the vas deferens. On an outpatient basis, a surgeon performs all necessary manipulations for a maximum of 20 minutes under local anesthesia. The operation is performed using a low-invasive method or transdermally, so there is no need for sutures.

vasectomy procedure

The doctor makes a puncture in the scrotum, cuts the seminal duct and seals the ends with a laser. Pain sensations are not severe. The doctor may forbid going to work for 2-3 days, limit physical activity and sex life for a week. And that’s it. After 20 ejaculations, the desired effect will be achieved and the ejaculate will no longer contain spermatozoa. For controlling purposes, 8-12 weeks after surgery, a medical test of sperm morphology should be done. A possibility of conception after the surgery is less than 1%. Rates increase to 2-10/1,000 after five years. So, scientists D.J. Jamieson, C. Costello et al. (Obstetrics & Gynecology, 2004) are right: ‘couples considering vasectomy should be counseled about the small, but real, risk of pregnancy following the procedure.

To achieve an erection and orgasm, a man needs a mental message, a signal of neurons, muscle contraction and a rush of blood to the genitals. Since the vas deferens is not involved in sexual intercourse and surgical intervention is minimal, there is no reason to fear the development of unpleasant consequences. Sperm will be produced in the future, absorbed by the body using natural mechanisms. The testicles will still synthesize hormones and even more actively than before. Men’s health will not suffer.

The causes of sexual dysfunctions in men are stress, heart disease, diabetes, certain medications, and bad habits. There are no vasectomies on this list. Scientific studies have shown that the incidence of sexual dysfunctions in post-vasectomy men is 0.19% versus 0.17% in men who have not had a vasectomy. Experts consider stress and psychological factors to be the main reason for the development of dysfunctions after surgery.

vasectomy effect

Myths and Reality about Complications

Just by tying up the vas deferens, the man will not become less courageous and sexual, the hormonal balance will not change, the amount of ejaculate will remain the same. Other parts of the reproductive system will not be damaged, but a vasectomy will not protect against sexually transmitted infections. Scientists have also proved the lack of a connection between vasectomy and the development of cancer of the reproductive organs of men. There is no need to be afraid of all this.

Nevertheless, like any surgical intervention, a vasectomy has its own reasons for caution. First of all, these are postoperative complications:

  • bleeding and bruising in the wound or scrotum;
  • inflammation around the wound;
  • pain;
  • edema.

Epididymitis, granulomas, and fever are observed less commonly.

Long-term complications / undesirable consequences are much less likely, but they are also possible. These include:

  • constant pain;
  • swelling and pain in the testicle during intercourse;
  • pregnancy of a partner;
  • swelling of the scrotum.

Western andrologists distinguish post-vasectomy pain syndrome, which may develop years after the procedure. This is a chronic syndrome that occurs during physical exertion or sexual intercourse.

If any of these symptoms appear, you should immediately contact your doctor. However, in recent years, new methods that do not require the use of a scalpel have been increasingly used. This significantly reduces the risk of complications.

reversal vasectomy

Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy is a reversible procedure. This means that you can unlock the vas deferens. The operation is called reversal and it is a much more complicated microsurgical procedure. During this surgery, the doctor will connect the cut parts of the vas deferens and restore its functionality. It will take more action, so reversing takes longer than a vasectomy and has its own characteristics. Nevertheless, the procedure is harmless to health. The hormonal background does not change and the sexual function does not suffer. Reverse should be preferably done within the first 5 years after vasectomy. Later, the body may cease to produce full-fledged sperm, spermatozoa may become smaller and less active. After reverse vasectomy, the possibility of conception is about 70%.

Before applying for the surgery, you need to think carefully, consult with a partner and a urologist, collect objective information about possible risks and complications. Experts advise to decide on such a radical method of protection when a couple already has children or some good reason does not want to have them. In any case, it is important to remember that vasectomy is only a way of contraception, normal sexual life is not connected with it, and the procedure itself is reversible even after 10 years. After evaluating and weighing all the arguments and factors, you can make a decision. There is almost no reason to be afraid. Fear is born of ignorance: gather information and resort upon doing it.

Can Tight Underwear Cause Erectile Dysfunction? Myths and Truth

What does ‘male power’ depend on? The answer to this question can be found in medical reference books. Functioning of the ‘main male organ’ depends on the state of the vessels. If, for a number of mechanical or physiological reasons, vasoconstriction is observed, it is not worth counting on the normal functioning of this part of the body.

Negative changes may occur due to improper lifestyle (alcohol in heavy doses and nicotine in large doses), constant stress (both at work and at home), hereditary factors.

Among the representatives of modern society there is an opinion that tight and uncomfortable underwear can be added to the list of reasons that negatively affect erectile function. Does this correspond to reality?

tight underpants and erectile dysfunction

By What Criteria Do Men Choose Underpants?

It’s hard to believe, but modern men are not inferior to women in pickiness when choosing underwear. Of course, such an attitude to buying underwear is not typical for everyone. Girlfriends and wives often give underwear to their male partners. For example, at symbolic holidays, family dates, and just for the occasion. Women choose men’s underwear to their taste, evaluating the fabric and the shape.

Currently, men do not hesitate to go to underwear stores. When choosing underpants, they are guided by the following factors:

  • the form;
  • convenience of everyday use;
  • fabric (the main one and gusset);
  • coloring.

The first and most important factor is the form (appearance of underwear), the other ones are complementary. Statistics shows that a large percentage of modern men prefer tight-fitting underpants. The reason is the cut of stylish clothes.

Now wearing tight pants is not a sign of non-heterosexual sexual orientation. It is permissible to wear tight pants, especially if they tightly fit the buttocks, complete with narrow underpants so that nothing stands out. This is only one of the reasons for the popularity of tight men’s underwear.

underwear and sexual function

The Effect of Tight Underwear on Sexual Function

Statistics is inexorable: love for tight panties can cause the development of serious diseases. According to studies, representatives of the strong half of humanity, preferring boxers and familiar family underpants, possess better quality sperm than their counterparts, who wear daily tight swimming trunks or thongs.

Separately, it is worth mentioning thongs. Urologists and andrologists recommend that men completely abandon them. Alternatively, do not wear them more than one to two hours a day. Besides the fact that tight pants tighten the testicles, a narrow strip irritates the anus. Proctologists support the opinion of abovementioned specialists. A visit to a doctor of this specialization is a separate ‘pleasure’, so it makes sense to avoid it.

What is the connection between male infertility and tight underpants? The most direct one. Sperm, with the exception of some ‘interspersions’, is made of protein, free amino acids, enzymes, etc. As you know, under the influence of high temperatures, protein and aminos coagulate. It is this process that occurs in the testicles, strongly crimped by tight underpants. Sperm cells simply die. As a result, all attempts to conceive a baby are unsuccessful. A man who prefers swimming trunks to family underpants is capable of full-fledged sexual intercourse. However, when it comes to procreation, the result will be close to zero.

These aren’t ‘horror stories’ for the night or an advertisement for loose boxers. These are research findings. If required, we can familiarize ourselves with them separately.

tight underwear and ed

Can Tight Underwear Cause ED?

There are many reasons for erectile dysfunction, this really dangerous disease of modern mankind. But a direct connection between tight underpants and problems with the fulfilling of marital duty is not revealed. As already mentioned, the ‘aggregate’ refuses to work with narrowing of blood vessels. A sufficient amount of blood does not reach the male genital organ, which makes full intercourse impossible. Tight underwear does not affect the state of the vessels.

Yes, tight panties increase the temperature of the testicles, which affects the quality and quantity of seminal fluid. But they do not affect the very function of the manhood.

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This fact does not mean that you can carelessly approach the choice of underwear. On the contrary, a careful and responsible approach is only welcome. According to experienced andrologists, urologists, sex therapists (in a word, all doctors involved in restoring men’s health), boxer shorts with an anatomical pocket remain ideal underpants. Wearing them does not cause discomfort, excluding the penis friction on the legs or trousers. The presence of an anatomical pocket helps maintain optimal temperature of the testicles, providing good air circulation.

Comfortable underwear is the key to excellent men’s health.