Toxic Family Relationships as a Cause of Psychogenic ED

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by both organic and psychogenic factors. This means that both mental trauma in childhood and current relationship problems can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Relationship of a Man with His Mother in Childhood – an Important Factor of Sexuality

According to Freudian theories, the existence of a connection between sexuality in adulthood and events that took place in early childhood exists, and this has been proved. Recently, modern scientists conducted a survey with the participation of about a thousand respondents. Men were asked questions about relationships with their mothers in childhood, their first romantic relationship, the duration of sex, and any sexual problems they encountered (such as orgasm disorders and erectile dysfunction).

The results were quite interesting. Guys who had negative and unfriendly relationships with their mothers in childhood usually had a serious romantic relationship later than those who had close relationships with their mothers. In addition, men whose mothers were unfriendly in relation to them in childhood, were more likely to suffer from sexual disorders, including premature ejaculation.

relationships with mother

In this context, it would be appropriate to mention the Oedipus complex, which is a combination of love and hostility experienced by a child in relation to his parents. It manifests as love for a parent of the same sex and hostility to a parent of the opposite sex. According to Freud, the Oedipus complex manifests most intensively at the age of 3-5 years, i.e., during the phallic stage of development, then it gradually fades and reactivates during the period of child’s body maturation into an adult body, existing until the completion of puberty. The ideal scenario is a complete disappearance of the complex, in which there are no conflicting tensions between the basic structural elements of the personality according to Freudian theory (the id, the ego, and the superego). But if the Oedipus complex does not disappear, certain sexual deviations / disorders can occur.

Toxic Relationship with a Partner as a Factor of ED Occurrence

Toxins are poisons, so the term ‘toxic relationship’ accurately reflects their nature. Indeed, toxic relationships poison life: they cause emotional pain and drain internal resources. Such relationships are not only noxious by their nature, they affect self-esteem, yearnings, personality development. If this toxicity is present in sex life, psychologically vulnerable men can develop erectile dysfunction. There are frequent cases when the mockery and bullying from the side of women lead to the development or worsening of psychological erectile dysfunction in men. Such behavior is more common among women from single-parent families (due to widowing or divorcing), to whom many demands were made, and who did not receive due attention. Such circumstances are the root of demanding too much of a partner.

toxic relationships and ed

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People with adequate self-esteem and the correct self-perception do not remain in toxic relationships for long. They understand that this state of affairs should not continue. If you understand that your relationships are toxic, if your partner’s desires become higher than your needs and normalization of relationships seems impossible, you should consider breaking them.

Is There Any Connection Between ED and Divorce?

Men after a divorce engage in erratic sexual relations and have sex with anyone. It sounds defiant, but it’s just a stereotype, in fact, many of them may encounter a sudden erection disorder. This is not uncommon for recently divorced men, although it would seem that sexual desire in relation to a new sexual partner should be higher. Why can this happen and how to deal with the problem?

Common Causes of Possible Disorders after Tearing Marriage Ties

It happens that after the end of the marriage, ex-husbands experience problems with sexual desire due to turmoil and worries. Then the situation normalizes. There are several factors that can cause serious ED against the background of this unpleasant event.

  1. Stress. A key cause of problems with getting the penis hard in bed is stress, both psycho-emotional and physical. It leads to depletion of the body, as well as an increase in blood pressure, which adversely affects potency.
  2. Depression. This psychological disorder is especially characteristic of men who were against parting, were forced to take this step because of their wives’ unfaithfulness, or suffer from the inability to see their children every day. Negative depressive thoughts absorb consciousness, respectively, a man is no longer up to sex.
  3. Anxiety performance. If a man is already used to one regular partner, he may develop a fear of not being able to get an erection with a new woman. constant getting oneself in a state and inability to relax leads to erectile dysfunction at the most intimate moment.
  4. Change in habits. If a couple rarely has sex, a man can start watching pornographic videos and masturbating to satisfy his sex drive. This leads to some change in the sensitivity of the penis, the mechanisms of triggering an erection and maintaining it during intercourse.

If divorce occurs in advancing age, for example, after reaching the age of fifty, erectile dysfunction may develop or worsen due to age-related deterioration in a patient’s general health. The list of the most common organic causes of male sexual weakness includes diabetes, cardiovascular disease, decreased levels of testosterone (the “king” of male hormones), neurological disorders, etc.

performance anxiety

Disorder Treatment Methods

If erectile dysfunction is psychogenic in nature, this means that you can get rid of it without pharmacological support. The method depends on the cause that triggered the development of impotence.

  • Stress-induced erectile dysfunction can be cured after throwing offstress with the help of special stress-management techniques, yoga, etc.
  • Depressive disorder sometimes absorbs a person so much that he cannot do without a psychotherapist’s help, but in mild cases he can simply change the situation – go abroad, hang out with friends, etc. Life does not end after a breakup.
  • If the level of erection during the intercourse has decreased due to masturbation, just drop this thing for a week or two and the natural mechanisms should return to normal.

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If you are experiencing serious psychological difficulties, immediately seek professional counseling while the problem is fresh and can be quickly cut down. But time can also become an assistant, because the old problems will be forgotten and new life ups and downs and experiences will fill the mind. Erectile dysfunction of this kind usually goes away quickly. If everything is OK, do not stop there, you must consider the intake of vitamins and minerals designed for enhancing male strength. A healthy and balanced diet and proper physical activity will contribute to a very strong erection.

organic ed treatment

Fighting Organic Erectile Dysfunction

If you do not feel any mental anxiety, excitement, etc., but a normal erection is simply unattainable, this most likely means the presence of physiological erectile dysfunction. In such cases, you cannot do without consulting a doctor and his prescribing effective medications. There is a series of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors that are used orally and quickly bring the desired effect. They do not affect the level of hormones, but simply improve the flow of blood to the penis so that a man can achieve a normal erection.

Viagra is the most famous sexual enhancer, Levitra and Cialis are slightly less popular but have important advantages. So, Levitra works better in patients with diabetes, while Cialis has a mega long period of action – fantastic 36 hours. If you want to try non-standard versions of treatment, you can choose drugs in the form of a gel, soluble tablets, etc. Buying any of these drugs online is discrete and comfortable, you do not need to go to the pharmacy, wait for the end of the line and be at risk of being seen by others.

Male Erection: ‘Normal’ Duration and Not Getting Hard Causes

Duration of sexual intercourse is often the subject of discussion and good ridicule among couples. However, this question is usually individual, which cannot be said about erectile dysfunction, when a man is not able to achieve the desired hardness of the genital organ.

normal duration of erection

What is ‘Normal’ Duration of an Erection?

According to studies, the average time to achieve an erection is from 3 to 8 seconds, and the duration of intercourse varies depending on individual characteristics.

According to The Daily Mail, with reference to scientists at the University of Queensland who investigated the duration of sexual intercourse, the figures are not impressive. On average, the duration of sex is 5 minutes. It has been revealed that sexual intercourse can last from 33 seconds to 44 minutes, but on average it is 5 minutes. Typically, a duration of less than 1-2 minutes is considered a sexual disorder (premature ejaculation), a condition which requires treatment with special drugs.

Also interesting are the facts regarding the maximum duration of an erection in men. In the age group of 20 to 25 years, this time period can reach 55 minutes, but begins to decrease with age.

7 Interesting Facts about Erections You Probably Did Not Know

why can ed worsen

Why Can Erectile Function Worsen?

Here is a list of the most common causes of erection problems:

1. Excitement. Exciting situations are very common causes of erectile dysfunction, especially if a man plans to have sex for the first time with a  wonderful new sexual partner.

2. Stress. In normal “doses,” this physiological phenomenon is even beneficial for the body. However, frequent strong and prolonged chronic stress at work or in personal life, is so exhausting for the body, that a man begins to experience difficulties in sexual life.

3. Cigarettes. Smoking reduces blood circulation (and also negatively affects the lungs and heart). Although many couples like to smoke after sex, the more the body receives harmful substances from cigarette smoking, the greater the risk of impotence.

4. Drinking. Excessive alcohol consumption will slowly but surely lower testosterone levels and kill erections.

5. Lack of sleep. Sometimes, due to fatigue and lack of sleep, a man cannot get an erection at all.

6. Disease. There are many organic causes of erectile dysfunction. These include Parkinson’s disease, heart ailments, prostatitis, diabetes, etc.

7. Difficulties with self-esteem. Due to poor self-esteem, a man begins to get nervous and as a result he does not succeed in bed.

8. Medicines. Numerous drugs can affect an erection. These include some antidepressants, beta blockers, and diuretics.

9. General health and poor physical activity. Overweight, obesity, and a sedentary lifestyle have been associated with erectile dysfunction.

10. Vitamin deficiency. Scientists have found that vitamin D deficiency (calciferol) is associated with erectile dysfunction. This is especially true for residents of the northern regions of Canada, the USA and Europe (in particular, Norway, Estonia and Finland). To protect yourself, you can buy special supplements with vitamin D.

As you can see from the list of potential causes, if you lead a healthy lifestyle, you will be at minimal risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction in Younger Men – Can ED Develop in 20s or 30s?

Studies consistently show that the risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) development increases with age. Despite that obvious fact, prevalence of erectile disorders in younger males is surprisingly high. Caused physically or psychologically, it can significantly decrease quality of life and lead to serious psychogenic problems.

Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

There are situations when, during puberty, parents inflict psychological trauma on the boy, instilling a negative perception of sex. In the end, this leads to an inability to achieve an erection at the right time for psychological reasons. Young people at the beginning of their relationship can be very worried about their partner’s impression. Often, fear of sexually transmitted diseases is also a contributing factor.

ed caused by stress

A man with normal self-esteem and at least little experience of sexual relations can cope with impotence caused by psychological factors on his own. But if he sees that the problem is being delayed and is not going to leave on its own, it is better to contact a urologist and / or psychologist. Sometimes psychotherapy alone is enough to get rid of the problem, while in serious cases it is necessary to prescribe oral medications (usually PDE5 inhibitors such as Viagra) until the normal erectile function and self-confidence are fully restored during sex.

The partner of a man with erectile dysfunction plays a significant role in the treatment of such a pathology. In some cases, it is a woman who causes the problem, especially when she criticizes or taunts him, or compares him with her previous partners. On the contrary, trust-based relationships always accelerate the onset of recovery.

Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

heart disease and ed

Worsening of male potency has several physical causes. Sometimes, it can be an early sign of severe health disorder. Well, organic causes of the condition include:

  • Heart diseases. Achieving normal erection requires sufficient blood flow, which can be impaired by clogged blood vessels caused by atherosclerosis, a dangerous disease which often runs asymptomatically. Hypertension may also cause troubles with getting erection.
  • Diabetes. Frequently, sexual dysfunction accompanies this disease. The cause is simple: diabetes damages blood vessels, so transportation of blood to the penile organ worsens.
  • Obesity. This is a great contributive factor for elevated blood pressure and diabetes (as you’ve learned, both illnesses can lead to erectile dysfunction). If you have excess weight, do your best to lose it by adhering to proper diet, doing physical exercises, and drinking enough water.
  • Hormonal imbalances. Abnormal levels of hormones, such as low testosterone, may lead to ED development. Young people who use anabolic steroids are at risk of ED occurrence, because external hormonal boost forces the body to hinder natural production of testosterone. Anabolics are one of the main causes of low T in men under 30. Elevated synthesis of prolactin by the pituitary gland may also do bad things with your erection. The same goes for increased and decreased rates of thyroid hormone.

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Problems Concerning Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

Impotence in young guys has great chances to be overlooked or dismissed. As stated by Giulia Rastrelli and Mario Maggi (Translational Andrology and Urology, 2017), this is due to the fact that people often treat this condition in young men as a self-limiting one, which requires no treatment, only proper psychological attitude and patient reassurance. However, evidence shows that this group of patients may have ED of different etiology, including psychogenic, organic (physiological), and mixed. In fact, symptoms of erectile disorder in younger men may be predictors of cardio-metabolic derangements with higher probability than in older ones.

You may feel non-comfortable discussing erectile disorders with a healthcare professional. However, a consultation worth it as proper and in-time diagnosis is a cornerstone of effective treatment, moreover, you can reveal the development of some serious diseases at early stages.

How to Turn on a Man with Erectile Dysfunction – Tips for Women

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual malfunction that affects not only a man but also his partner. Unfortunately, a fairly large percentage of men suffer from ED of various etiologies, so women (and not only) are often interested in how to turn on a man with erectile dysfunction. We have selected several methods and tips that can be helpful for you.

Key Tips for Turning on a Male Suffering from ED

  • Try ED-Friendly Sex Positions. Poses that are not intricate and do not heavily load the muscles will help a man’s penis get the maximum amount of blood, which will positively affect the erection.
  • Experiment in bed. You can try role-playing games, sex toys, etc. Variety will positively affect a man’s sex drive and maybe he will get a harder erection.
  • Be positive and affectionate. If you start to criticize a man and put pressure on him, he is unlikely to get a satisfactory erection. You need to understand that he has a disease and you need to find a solution together, so you should be understanding and gentle (unless your man likes female domination).

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sexy woman

Other Tips

  • Do not extrapolate the problem to yourself. Many women might think that their partner’s erectile dysfunction is related to the fact that they (women) seem sexually unattractive to a man. Such a scenario is possible, but if it is known that a man has erectile dysfunction, you do not need to worry and perceive everything at your own expense. This is an organic pathology and a man cannot do anything about it even if you were Pamela Anderson.
  • Examine the problem fundamentally. You can read all the important information about ED to find out more about the essence and treatment of the problem and also give the man advise on medications that he can start taking after consulting with a doctor.
  • Go to the doctor together. This way your man will feel your supportiveness and readiness for help in any awkward situation. By the way, group therapy can also help.
arouse a man with ed


Sexologists and psychologists believe that if you are dating a man with erectile dysfunction who perceives with hostility any words about this and does not want to work together to resolve the problem, then you should probably brake up, because this is evidence of not only incompatibility in sex, but also the incompatibility of you as a couple. This is the best way out if, when thinking about the person, you basically do not feel anything other than irritation and anger.

If you are a loving couple, you will overcome any problem. Moreover, in most cases erectile dysfunction is treatable and sometimes even curable. It is also important to consult a doctor on time to conduct a complete diagnosis. This should be done for two main reasons, firstly, erectile dysfunction can be an early predictor of cardiovascular diseases, and secondly, it can be aggravated, and the more severe the disease, the harder it is to treat. Also, keep in mind that there are plenty of medications on the market for the effective symptomatic treatment of male impotence. We are referring primarily to Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

And again, look at things positively, ED can be a serious illness, but you should not despair because of it, especially considering the abundance of currently existing treatment methods.

Preventing Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Wisely: 6 Useful Recommendations

There is a universally recognized axiom: any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. For many men, maintaining healthy erectile function is a priority. However, not everyone knows the right methods to prevent the development of this insidious disorder.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is a dangerous bad habit that sooner or later leads to cardiovascular diseases, which in turn are associated with erectile dysfunction. According to a study by K.T. McVary, S. Carrier, and H. Wessells (The Journal of Urology, 2011), smoking may increase risks of moderate or complete ED 2-fold.

Every time you smoke a cigarette, your blood vessels are stressed. Remember, healthy vessels are the key to normal erectile function.

stop smoking and drinking ed

Reduce the Amount of Alcohol Consumed or Completely Stop Drinking

People often take alcohol before sex because it helps to relax and become more relaxed. Small dosages of alcohol can really help before sexual intercourse. But overconsumption often worsens an erection and full sexual intercourse becomes impossible.

Moreover, alcohol abuse was associated with a decrease in testosterone, the main ‘male hormone’ or the ‘King’ of male hormones.

Therefore, if you have problems with self-control and you can’t stop after the first glass, it is better to give up alcoholic beverages altogether.

Be Physically Active, Go in For Sports

Exercise improves blood flow throughout the body, including the genital area. They also help the body cleanse itself of toxins and other harmful substances. If you are new to sports, start with mild to moderate activities, then you can gradually move to intense training and workouts with large weights. Your goal is to have minimum 30 min of activity at least 4-5 days of the week.

overweight and ed

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Increased weight and obesity have been associated with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and impotence. Therefore, try to maintain a healthy weight and BMI (body mass index). If you already have excess weight, consult with your doctor or nutritionist about how to properly and safely get rid of it. It is harmful to completely refuse food, the so-called ‘grapefruit’ or ‘yogurt’ diets can also be dangerous for you.

Eat Properly

You are what you eat. Improper nutrition is the cause of a huge number of diseases. The main principles of good nutrition have been formulated by the WHO (World Health Organization). It is recommended that you eat at least 400 g of fruits and vegetables per day (not including starchy roots such as potatoes and sweet potatoes). The basis of the diet should include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, lean meat and fish. Limit intake of sugar and salt. Drink more water (about 2-3 liters per day).

Check Overall Health

Some diseases such as diabetes can lead to erectile dysfunction. For this and other reasons, any disease should be detected at an early stage. For example, diabetes requires early and ongoing treatment, since untreated disease can lead to very dangerous complications.

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If you already have erectile dysfunction, you may anyway apply these methods, they will not allow the condition to aggravate and may even relieve symptoms of the condition. In addition, consider treatment with Viagra (generically known sildenafil), Cialis (tadalafil) or Levitra (vardenafil). These medications are safe and well-tolerated, and provide the needed effect in the vast majority of cases.

Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction – Myth or Reality?

Porn websites are probably the most growing internet resources in the world. This business is very profitable, according to statistics, Americans spend about $10 billion annually on porn videos. Some people have actually become addicted to watching hot videos. But can porn cause erectile dysfunction (impotence)?

Why is Porn Popular?

There is ‘Coolidge effect’, a biological phenomenon, which means that men exhibit a higher sexual interest in new partners. That is why some married males have mistresses or use the services of prostitutes. In addition, due to this effect, porn is gaining more and more popularity. A man looks for videos and images with new women and when he sees a new naked lady, he gets more pleasure. Thanks to the Internet, he sees dozens of women in minutes, more than his ancestor could have seen in a lifetime.

porn and erection

The popularity of pornography is over the top. About 86 to 98% of men regularly watch adult content. For women, this figure is 56 to 84% (and the numbers are gradually growing). In addition, young people are actively interested in pornography, since inexperience in the sexual sphere pushes them to search for information which, in their opinion, can help with sex education.

Pornography and the So-Called Sexual Anorexia

About two decades ago, Italian scientists suggested that watching porn at a teenage age can cause so-called sexual anorexia, that is, a fading desire to have a real romantic relationship. Since then, the rumor that porn causes erectile dysfunction has spread widely. But many scientists do not agree with this.

xxx videos and impotence

There are even studies according to which men who watch porn show better sexual arousal, however this thesis needs additional anecdotal confirmation. But experts agree that watching nasty videos can adversely affect sexual appetite. For example, an avid porn lover may experience problems with achieving an erection or ejaculation when it comes to sex with a woman (he may just need additional incentives).

Can Erectile Dysfunction be Caused by Watching Porn Videos?

When a man sees an erotic image, the hormone dopamine begins to be produced in the brain. It causes a feeling of pleasure, a desire to learn and work. Online porn gives one the opportunity to see many naked women in a short period of time, as a result of which the brain is oversaturated and gets used to this state of affairs. With regular viewing of adult videos, the brain is rebuilt and the mechanism of the strongest sexual arousal starts not after contact with a partner, but in the following circumstances:

  • He is alone, sitting in front of his computer or laptop (or watching videos via mobile phone).
  • He watches a video with a naked woman or a couple in love (heterosexual or lesbian).
  • He constantly/sporadically clicks to open new videos.
  • He should be able to enter a new search query to receive a new porn video. Most sites provide this feature.

Over the years, a man gets used to porn and masturbation and accordingly weans off the traditional ‘natural sex’. Relations with a partner provide for a different scenario, mutual touch, communication, foreplay are important here. Pheromones and smells are also of great importance.

A constant increase in dopamine levels causes the accumulation of the FosB protein, which in turn leads to changes in the brain. At first, it becomes difficult for a man to enjoy sex and other familiar things. Further, porn can become one of the main or even the main source of pleasure for him. Watching ‘hardcore’ videos leads to a pronounced desensitizing effect.

If you encounter such a problem, do not despair, it is reversible. Scientists say that stopping viewing pornographic materials leads to a return of the brain to its previous state (i.e. rollback). This was confirmed by studies in which people voluntarily refused video 18+. According to the American neuroscientist Gary Wilson, many men refuse porn because of a decrease in erection. With porn-induced erectile dysfunction, even Viagra can be powerless, because this medication affects the physiological processes in the penis, while pornography affects the mental processes in the brain.

porn addiction

The Bottom Line

If watching porn becomes a constant substitute for sexual life and it becomes difficult for a man to get an erection during live communication and intimacy with a partner, this is an alarming signal. On the other hand, porn acts as a tool of sexual detente for men who do not have a permanent sexual partner. In addition, the vast majority of young people who watch porn (and statistics show that almost all guys watch it), are able to find a partner then and have a healthy family and sex life.

According to Healthline, it is unlikely that porn alone can lead to impotence (in the absence of other factors, such as guilt about sex or psychogenic problems). Devil is not so black as he is painted, but the risk of developing porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED) indeed exists. It should be noted that this disorder is psychological in nature and not physiological, so it requires appropriate treatment, it is usually enough to stop abusing porn.

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Best Sex Positions for Erectile Dysfunction – Natural Treatment

Erectile dysfunction (ED or male impotence) is a common condition and is not necessary abnormal. The likelihood of its development increases with age. There are many methods of its treatment. Sometimes, a simple change of sex position, can provide a help. There are no studies that indicate superiority of some position, but it’s logical to assume that a position that involves big muscles will not facilitate achieving and maintaining an erection, because the body will supply more blood to the working musculature (instead of penile tissues).

cowgirl position for ed

Position No 1: Cowgirl

When a girl is on top, he takes an initiative, while a man can fully relax. A woman can use the following tips for cowgirl:

  • using her arms as support, to feel more safely;
  • leaning back, this will allow partner to play with her clit, and give him a pretty good view;
  • trying reverse cowgirl, this will make sex truly animalistic and crazy, improving excitation of a man and consequently, his penile hardness;
  • practicing teasing and anticipation, to make sex more playful;
  • giving up control, playing with expectations.
missionary sex position for ed

Position No 2: Classic Missionary

Traditional missionary position is often underrated. However, if you cannot achieve a desirable level of sexual satisfaction in this position, then you do something wrong. It might help to cope with ED if a couple ensures a condition when the penis enters vagina perpendicularly (a 90-degree angle). Eye contact and a seductive look of a lady might do great things.

spooning position for ed

Position No 3. Spooning

Spoons cuddling position is as follows: a woman lies on the side with knees bent while a male also lies and penetrates from behind. When you use this position, the level of penetration is swallow, but this would be helpful for erectile dysfunction. The key advantage of the position is a minimal involvement of big muscles in a male. For similar reason, spooning is often preferred by tired couples. Another advantage: a lot of cuddles, which enhance the rate of intimacy between partners.

Position No 4: Doggy Style

If an erection in a man is unstable, you can try the position of doggy style, while the legs of a woman should be widely spread (note, extra wide). If a man loses an erection, there are two options:

  • he can pull out a member to caress himself (masturbate), and then continue;
  • he can move the penis inside the vagina, but with a greased finger attached to the bottom of his penis to create a larger width.

If an erection does not occur at all, a man can focus on the pleasure of a woman: he can caress the clitoris and make back and forth movements with the fingers of one or both hands.

sex tips for ed

Some Extra Tips

The following recommendations may improve your sexual experience:

  • find the right place and time
  • increase excitement, using fingers, mouth, your imagination
  • be comfortable
  • avoid drinking too much alcohol, overconsumption might exacerbate erectile dysfunction

General Considerations

Every man, having sex, is always afraid of one thing, a ‘misfire’ in bed. Therefore, patients who begin to experience problems with erections often have psychological problems, not wanting to be aware of the disease and talk about it to their partner. This problem concerns not only men but also women. After all, the future of relationships sometimes depends on the correct behavior of the lady in such a delicate situation. She should be neat and courteous, be sure to try to find out the problem and find ways to solve it together, by choosing sex positions and appropriate natural/medicinal remedies.

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Caveat: positions for sex should which were described below should not be treated as a substitute for timely and effective medical treatment. If you see that you have problems with erection. The same tip for woman: if you see that you partner has difficulties with achieving/maintaining an erection, advise him to visit a doctor as fast as possible.

7 Interesting Facts About Erections You Probably Didn’t Know

It would seem that every adult man knows everything about erection, this topic is considered to have been explored back in adolescence. But there are amazing facts that you will probably be interested in.

1. First Erection Happens in the Womb

Surprisingly, often newborns are born with an erection. It is not very noticeable due to the small size of the penis in the baby, however, it may be present. Moreover, according to a 1991 study, an erection can occur even in the womb (in fetus), and its frequency can reach several times per hour. This is most often observed during REM sleep.

terminal erecition

2. Terminal Erection – Last Time Not during Lifetime but after Death

According to some reports, a complete or incomplete erection, excretion of urine or mucus is observed in about 30 percent of deaths from hanging. These unusual phenomena are explained by the pressure of the loop on the cerebellum. Post-death priapism may also be a sign of a fatal gunshot wound to the brain or violent death due to poisoning.

3. It Is Impossible to Simulate an Erection

If a man has an erection, then he is really sexually excited. Not a single talented actor can fake this physiological process. Some stimulant medications can facilitate the process of erection gaining, but natural sexual arousal is usually required before they begin to act. We are talking about Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

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shoe penis size

4. There Is No Connection Between Shoe Size and Penis Length

It used to be that the size of the shoe could partially show the length of the penis and vice versa as if there was a correlation between these values. However, in 2002, scientists J. Shah and N. Christopher published an extensive study ‘Can shoe size predict penile length?’, in which they stated the opposite – there is no adequate scientific evidence for that statement. Therefore, women should not judge the size of the penis by the size of the shoe. Such observations may be wrong as big sneakers or shoes do not mean at all that their owner has a large penis in an erect state.

5. There Are 3 Types of Erections

In different cases, different reactions occur on the part of the genital organ. Reflexogenic erections result from actual contact, psychogenic erections are caused by audiovisual stimulation or fantasy, and nocturnal erections occur involuntarily during sleep. The last two types of erection often occur unintentionally and can be observed at the most inopportune times.

nocturnal erection

6. Several Erections per Night – This is a Normal Phenomenon

In men, from 3 to 5 erections usually occur at night (as in the case with the fetus described above, they usually appear during the REM phase). This is called nocturnal penile tumescence. In addition, the so-called ‘swelling’ of the penis arises at night, the nature of which is still completely unclear. There is a theory that this is intended to inhibit urination, the urge for which can interrupt a pleasant night’s sleep.

7. Nocturnal Erection May Help with the Right Diagnosis

By analyzing the presence of erections at night, the nature of erectile dysfunction can be determined. If an ED sufferer experiences an erection during sleep, but the hardness of the penis is not observed during sexual contact with a partner, then this is most likely a psychological problem, not a physiological one.

At What Age Does ED Start? Epidemiology Statistics and Prevention

The risk of erectile dysfunction is known to increase with age. Therefore, many men sooner or later begin to wonder – when can this happen? And is it possible to prevent the development of impotence?

What Do Doctors Say?

Dr. Newton at UnityPoint Health says that according to his experience, about half of men after reaching the age of forty have problems with erection. Therefore, he believes a man shouldn’t be ashamed of seeking medical help because the urologist will certainly not see a patient with erection problems for the first time. There is nothing shameful in this, especially considering the statistics.

The doctor has also identified several main causes of erectile disorders: decreased testosterone (which also leads to a decrease in libido), diabetes, vascular diseases, obesity, psychosocial stress and smoking.

erectile dysfunction statistics

Official Statistics

American scientists at the Welch Center for Prevention revealed that the overall prevalence of the condition in male persons aged >/=20 was 18.4%. It was also shown that diabetes was a huge risk factor for ED, men with this disease also had erectile dysfunction in about 50% of cases.

As reported by Turkish scientists at Mersin University School of Medicine, the median prevalence of impotence was about 33% among all males aged ≥40.

According to the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey prevalence of erectile dysfunction is 77.5% in males aged ≥75.

Can Erectile Dysfunction be Prevented?

Lifestyle change helps prevent impotence. Men after reaching 40-50 years old and in the presence of any predisposing risks need to monitor the state of the cardiovascular system and timely treat diseases that affect the function of the genital organs.

ed prevention

The main methods of prevention are as follows:

  • refusal of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs
  • normalization of body weight
  • change in diet
  • regular physical activity (at least long walks or regular visits to the swimming pool)
  • elimination of anxiety and stress
  • ongoing diabetes mellitus therapy to maintain normal blood glucose levels

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The Bottom Line

Thus, incidence of ED ruthlessly increases with age. However, this does not mean that after reaching 40-50 you are doomed. Proper nutrition, exercise and a generally healthy lifestyle will help maintain potency for as long as possible. In addition, even with a serious age-related ED, help is possible, since there are a number of highly effective pills (Viagra, Cialis) that can provide the desired effect with almost any diagnosis (however, if sex is contraindicated for a man due to the possibility of cardiovascular events, he cannot take such pills). There are also other contraindications to taking Viagra, for example, taking nitrates. Then you need to look for other ways to treat impotence. However, in most cases, erectile dysfunction is effectively treated and can even be cured.