at what age does ed start

At What Age Does ED Start? Epidemiology Statistics and Prevention

The risk of erectile dysfunction is known to increase with age. Therefore, many men sooner or later begin to wonder – when can this happen? And is it possible to prevent the development of impotence?What Do Doctors Say?Dr. Newton…
viagra and marijuana

Viagra and Marijuana: Dangers, Risks and Possible Benefits

A huge percentage of Viagra henchmen at the age of about 30-40 use it for entertainment purposes, for example, before visiting a club. They can combine it with alcoholic drinks and marijuana. A logical question appears: can you use ‘the blue…
doctor image

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in 40s and How to Keep Safe

According to statistics, sexual problems in males often begin in their forties. These problems may be associated with aging, but most often there is some underlying cause, other condition, which leads to deterioration of erection. According…
can high cholesterol medications cause ed

Can High Cholesterol Medications Cause Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Healthcare experts are adamant high cholesterol levels are harmful for the health. There are many causes of elevation, but anyway patients who have faced such a problem need an appropriate treatment. Mercifully, there are many medications that…
viagra and grapefruit

Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Grapefruit Incompatibility: Mystery Revealed

You’ve probably heard that you should not combine grapefruit (grapefruit juices and smoothies) with ED tablets. But on the Internet, it's hard to find an easy-to-understand and detailed article devoted to this issue. Our team have decided…
erectile dysfunction and depression

Erectile Dysfunction and Depression: Often Coexist but Can be Overcome

Depression and erectile dysfunction are widespread conditions nowadays. Moreover, they often coexist. A patient then faces a doubled formidable problem which seems to be hard for overcoming. But one shouldn’t fall into desperation, there…
how to take levitra

How to Take Levitra: 3 Useful Recommendations

Levitra is a drug for treating impotence in men. This is one of the most proven and effective sexual enhancers that can overcome the problem of impotence from the very first dose. The original version of the drug was developed by German specialists,…
diabetes glucose

Diabetes-Induced Erectile Dysfunction: Prevention and Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem for male persons with diabetes. However, it is neither inevitable and nor untreatable. If you are faced with this condition or are at risk, our article may be useful for you. Read preventing and treating…
viagra 25mg

Natural Alternatives to Viagra – Do They Really Work?

Viagra, a well-known medicine for treating erectile dysfunction (ED), has already helped a great number of men in their struggle for improving their sexual performance. However, there are male persons who prefer natural supplements (natural…

How to Talk about Erectile Dysfunction with your Partner

Introduction Men and women are two topics ancient as the world is. So many things make them live together, love each other and believe they will be together till the end of the ages. But there are so many troubles met during this life which…