FLCCC MyStory: My Family Doctor Dismissed My Ivermectin Consideration as Unreasonable

Throughout my 54-year nursing career, I had witnessed the ebb and flow of medical knowledge and the evolving landscape of healthcare. I had always leaned towards natural remedies, opting for them whenever possible instead of resorting to pharmaceuticals. Being in the medical profession, I had my share of mandatory vaccinations over the years, but the arrival of mRNA vaccines in recent times had given me pause.

These new vaccines, unlike their predecessors, had raised profound questions in my mind. The process of their development and the way they were administered felt unlike anything I had encountered before. As skepticism began to creep in, I embarked on a journey of research, delving into the depths of medical literature to understand these novel treatments better.

The more I studied, the more apprehensive I became about the mRNA vaccines. My concerns were not unwarranted, given the unprecedented nature of these vaccines. My quest for answers led me to the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), a group of medical professionals dedicated to investigating alternative treatments for the virus.

My family doctor, however, was not on board with my desire to explore unconventional treatments, particularly ivermectin. In their eyes, my request for this drug was absurd, and they firmly rejected my proposal. Undeterred, I sought an alternative source for hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in 2020.

My husband and I are avid travelers, and even amidst the ongoing pandemic, we continued our adventures. Embracing ivermectin as a prophylactic measure, we began taking it once a week. Astonishingly, we experienced no ill effects. Moreover, a surprising side effect emerged: our longstanding arthritis issues started to clear up, leaving us feeling healthier than ever before.

We, both in our 70s, defied the odds by maintaining our vigor and vitality. However, not everyone in our circle understood or supported our choices. We faced skepticism and skepticism from friends who considered us somewhat eccentric for embracing "the horse medicine." But we pressed on, steadfast in our belief that ivermectin held benefits that the mainstream medical community had not yet fully recognized.

Over time, we noticed a shift in our friends' attitudes. They began to view us with different eyes, cautiously observing our health and well-being. It seemed that our resilience in the face of skepticism was gradually winning them over. Perhaps they, too, were beginning to sense that there was more to our story than met the eye.

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