Painkiller Addiction: Signs, Treatment and Prevention

Painkillers are a great invention of mankind because they help get rid of acute pain, including that occurring during surgical interventions. It would be impossible to carry out many important operations without anesthesia and painkillers. You could not even pull out a tooth painlessly and without severe torment if painkillers were not available. But these medicines also have side effects and other disadvantages.

Some people, especially those who suffer from chronic pain, develop addiction to painkillers because they take them very often and immensely (in high doses). Sometimes even people who do not abuse these medications (intentionally or unintentionally) may encounter this problem.

painkiller addiction

Signs of Painkiller Dependence

Although the main goal of painkillers is to relieve a person from pain, these medications can cause a feeling of euphoria to which addiction is developed. As a result, a patient desires to receive it again and again.

Dependence can progress slowly, so patient painkiller taker may not notice its development. Typically, symptoms include apathy for the surrounding, fatigue, lethargy, and loss of interest in normal daily activities. If a person abuses painkillers, he or she may also experience overdose symptoms, namely space disorientation, vomiting, nausea, drop in blood pressure, and sharply negative or suicidal thoughts. Using too high dosage can even be fatal. This makes it necessary to consult a doctor as soon as possible and start treatment for addiction. Close relatives should carefully monitor a patient who has signs of dependence on painkillers and suspicious behavior:

  • ordering large quantities of medicines online
  • theft of painkillers from relatives, friends, other people
  • causing damage to oneself to enter the hospital and receive a new prescription
  • illegal prescribing (faking) recipes
  • purchasing drugs from illegal street vendors
  • getting angry with other people who indicate his / her abuse
  • sudden mood swings
  • constant obsession with the use of drugs

Both non-prescription and prescription painkillers may be abused. According to F.V. Abbott and M.I. Fraser (1998), more than 4 grams of acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) or acetaminophen over a long period of time may be considered abuse. As stated by D.A. Fishbain et al (2008), percentage of addiction development in chronic pain patients using RX opioids is relatively low, but they often tend to have aberrant drug-related behavior.

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painkiller addiction treatment

Addiction Treatment

The treatment plan depends on the type of addiction. If a person is addicted to opioid (narcotic) painkillers, he / she may be faced with both physiological and psychological dependence. The rehabilitation process can be lengthy and undergoing treatment in specialized rehab centers is often the best option.

Non-narcotic analgesics usually cause psychological dependence, which is theoretically less serious than physiological one, but it is often the trickiest thing.

Aftercare plays a significant role after successful treatment. Painkiller addicts may join local or online groups, which allow for creating environment of understanding and help prevent relapse of the disorder.

painkiller addiction prevention

How to Prevent the Development of Painkiller Addiction?

Always take medicine as instructed. If it is indicated that, for example, roughly speaking the maximum duration of treatment is five days, you should not take the medication for 10 days.

Also, do not exceed the recommended dosage. Remember that painkillers provide only a symptomatic effect. They do not eliminate the cause of the pain. To combat the primary source of the problem, you need to take other drugs and or resort to other actions.

And remember: in spite of the fact that many painkillers are dispensed without a prescription, it is always better to consult a doctor if you are planning a medium or long-term treatment.

Always try to get the right diagnosis to identify the true cause of the pain. If you need painkillers on an ongoing basis, consult your doctor regularly, maybe he or she will advise you to change your medication.

If you suspect you are addicted to painkillers, see your doctor as soon as possible, this will speed up the achievement of sobriety.

Can You Drink Alcohol with Viagra? Sildenafil and Alcoholic Drinks

It is a common belief that alcoholic drinks lead to loosing up, making you horny and ready for sex. Hence people often take Viagra which contains sildenafil, a PDE5 inhibitor, before or after drinking alcohol. Is that safe? Can you consume strong or low-alcohol drinks while taking the ‘blue pill’?

Viagra and Alcohol – Safety Issues

Viagra is the most known drug for treating erectile dysfunction, which is taken orally approximately 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. Alcoholic drinks often accompany romantic settings, which actualize a question of combining ED pills with them.

Theoretically, Viagra and alcohol can cause synergistic vasodilating effect when taken together (as they are both vasodilators), however, such an assumption has not been clearly confirmed by clinical studies. One research has shown that one bottle of wine (0.75 L) combined with the ‘blue diamond’ doesn’t lead to low blood pressure. However, this doesn’t’ mean that you can try such a risky adventure.

viagra and whiskey drink

However, some users report that they or their friends have experienced severe side effects amidst simultaneous use of Viagra and consuming alcohol-containing drinks (binge drinking). These adverse events are unique and may be extremely unpleasant:

  • Decrease in penis hardness (in terms of achieving and maintaining it).
  • Poor ability to get aroused to have sex.
  • Serious headache due to which you can lose a desire for intimacy.
  • Skin flushing.
  • Dizziness and lightheadedness.

Alcohol and Overall Health

Alcohol is a considerable contributor to the development of many diseases. Jürgen Rehm, PhD and a director of one of departments at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (Toronto, Canada), highlighted the following ones:

  • cardiovascular diseases
  • liver disorders (fatty liver, cirrhosis, hepatic failure)
  • infectious diseases
  • pancreatitis
  • malignant tumors
  • diabetes
  • psychotic disorders
  • alcoholic myopathy and cardiomyopathy

The healthcare expert noted that ethyl alcohol is actually a primary underlying cause for over 30 diseases. Alcohol overconsumption may contribute to the development or aggravation of hundreds of other abnormal conditions.

alcohol and erectile dysfunction

As for sexual health, according to Healthline, booze affects it in four ways:

  • Increases angiotensin levels, which is associated with elevated risks of ED.
  • Leads to a decreased blood flow to the penile organ.
  • Exert a depressive effect on the CNS (central nervous system).
  • Drinking too much can delay or even prevent ejaculation.

In addition, the use of alcohol increases risks of sexually transmitted diseases (as drunk people are more prone to abandoning condoms and committing other reckless sexual actions), as well as can lead to unintentional/intentional injuries. Often an injury is received unintentionally, due to worsening of coordination. Research has shown that intentional injuries comprise about 15% of total quantity and are typically caused by beatings. Not to mention social harm, including disruption of family, workplace problems, financial issues, and committing criminal offences.

A drink or two (depending on your bodyweight) can make one hornier, this is true for both males and females. However, non-modest drinking may lead to the opposite effect.

It’s worth noting that low doses of some alcohol drinks were associated with some health benefits. In particular, according to a study by Lukas Shopek et al. (Molecules, 2018), moderate wine consumption has been linked to cancer prevention, due to antioxidants and polyphenols contained in fruits from which wine is made.

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You’ve probably heard ‘whiskey dick’ expression. But not only whiskey can lead to troubles with getting an erection. This applies to any drink, whether it is 4% beer or 80% absinth, the key thing here is excess income of ethyl alcohol in the blood. If effect of booze is severe, no Viagra will help you. You’ll end up with nothing. So, excessive drinking is anyway harmful, regardless of taking the sildenafil-based drug. Moreover, increased amount of ethyl alcohol in the blood might lead to enhancement of Viagra effect which is fraught with an increased risk of side effects and a decrease in blood pressure. So our recommendation is to avoid alcohol when you take Viagra; at least minimize its consumption, 1-2 units appear to be relatively safe.

Everything About Chickenpox

General Information

Chickenpox or as it got used to be called waterpox is referred to a sharp viral disease. The infectious invader of chickenpox is the shingles virus. The illness is an airborne one and affects people of any age. We will notice that chickenpox at adults and children becomes infectious even before the first symptoms appearance, that’s why chicken pox epidemics are fixed worldwide which usually occur in winter and in the beginning of spring.

Mechanism of Infection

The virus enters a human body through mucous membranes of the upper airways. The initial reproduction is carried out there as well. After that the virus gets into blood and is carried on all main systems of life-sustaining activity. In the course of further development the infectious invader of chickenpox accommodates in the organism, causing dystrophic changes and forming the characteristic bubbles filled with serosal substance.


chicken_poxChickenpox symptoms in majority of cases depend on patient’s age. Chickenpox at children seldom proceeds in a heavy form and in most cases recovers without any serious complications.

The situation changes in a case with children with weak immunity system and adults who had no chicken pox in the childhood. This case has more acute symptomatology and demands a long-term treatment. Chickenpox the incubation period of which lasts from ten to fifteen days keeps in touch within two-three days prior to emergence of the first enanthesis on skin.

Characteristic symptoms of chickenpox is headache, slight increase of temperature, general weakness. If you notice such symptoms of your child for example, you’d better call for emergence not to risk the child’s health. In case of this disorder you may check drugs via the web site:


Many people consider that skin enanthesis is the only serious manifestation of chickenpox. But certainly, they are mistaken. At the diagnosis chickenpox treatment has to be carried out immediately as, otherwise, the infection brings to damage of inner organs – lungs, liver, brain covers and to defeat intervertebral ganglion and nervous tissue.


The scientists try to work out the vaccine to protect people from this disorder and sometimes they are succeeded. But it should be mentioned this disease must be treated in any case. If the drugs are expensive you may order them via the Internet for example with the professional help of Canadian Health Care mall specialists. It is a pharmaceutical company providing an outstanding service and well-qualified medications for their customers.

What Should You Know About Pulmonary Heart

General Information

heart_painPulmonary heart is a pathology which attracts more than 200 years to itself close attention of researchers. Interest of experts in this disease isn’t occasional, after all it often results in early disability of people and serves as the reason of fatality. At the diagnosis pulmonary heart, treatment and forecasts depend on how in towardly doctors could define a disorder etiology.

So what does it mean pulmonary heart? This disorder is understood as a complex of cardiac diseases connected with circulatory dynamics and developed after the past bronchopulmonary diseases. We will notice thus that at early stages of development the illness doesn’t constitute special danger. On the other hand, chronic pulmonary heart results in insufficiency of blood circulation and morphological changes of the right ventricle. As a result, people become disabled and can die of sudden cardiac arrest.

This process is this very difficult and troublesome as at early stages of development pulmonary heart keeps potential reversibility and practically doesn’t prove itself in any way. But the acute form of a disease quickly progresses to chronic pulmonary heart, and treatment of this disease is a puzzle difficult to be solved. For this reason thousands of experts work on new techniques of disease diagnosis and development of modern preparations by means of which it would be possible to facilitate life of patients, not to admit a disability of employable population.


Now we will talk about what symptoms are characteristic for a disease.

Acute cor pulmonary is manifested in:

In turn, chronic pulmonary heart is distinguished by hyperfunction symptoms and a hypertrophy of the right ventricle.


The symptoms of chronic pulmonary heart has pronounced clinical symptoms:

  • tachycardia,
  • swelling of cervical veins,
  • increase in the sizes of a liver and the pulsation of the right ventricle defined at a palpation

Diagnostic and Treatment

To establish the diagnosis it is necessary to undergo electrocardiogram screening and chest radiological researches. As all kind of diseases it is very important to begging treatment in time that’s why you’d better to consult the doctor and order drugs via the Canadian Health&Care mall. Everything is up to you, do not waste time thinking just do it right now.

Headaches: Causes, Types and Treatments

About Headache

Headache is one of the most spread medical problem because each man on the Earth even once was suffering from this disorder. Sometimes people live together with headache, someone doesn’t know exactly what it is to suffer from headache. Headache may be a chronic one but it doesn’t mean this disease is a warning of some other severe complications. But you should be attentive because the character of headache may change absolutely in this case you’d better consult the doctor and undergo the medical screening. Everyone knows our health is not a vital substance which can be easily restored.

headache mechanism

Most headaches are caused by muscle contraction or blood flow problems

Types of Headache

There are different types of headache, that’s short-lasting unilateral neuralgiform headache attacks with cranial autonomic symptoms, hemicrania, crotaphic headache, cervical headache and coronal pain.

My Canadian Health Care Service

People are not eager to attend out-patient hospitals because not all services there are free so they believe they will spend too much money there. That is the main reason why they prefer to bare pain than to consult the doctor. But for example my Canadian Health Care provides their citizens with the free service in each hospital. They believe it is the only way out to support their citizens and let them believe in the country they live in and in the government they can trust.

Even headache may be manifested in the severe disorder which should be treated immediately that’s way the medical service should be free for all categories of people. Of course there are private health care facilities with some amount of charged services but the price should not be so awfully high. Seeing or hearing such a price the hair may curl.

We all deserve to be treated free because we all have equal rights, rights which are given to us by the state, by the government and by the God.

Don’t suffer from headache

If you do not want to take drugs to relieve the pain you’d better to lay down and sleep sometimes headache is caused by the overwork when we oversell our abilities. The rapid tempo of living nowadays makes us be in a hurry everytime, it seems we are sleeping also hurrying but nowhere. We forget what it is to have rest, we are all the time in motion and have no time to relax that’s why we feel uncomfortable and suffer from headache.
headache infographic

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Bronchitis

Untimely or inadequate treatment of an acute bronchitis is often transfered into chronic form.

Bronchitis is respiratory system disease, mucous membrane inflammation of bronchial tubes. The main symptom of bronchitis is troublesome cough, as if breaking off breast from inside. Usually bronchitis arises after flu or acute respiratory viral infection. The disease begins with dry cough, as a rule, amplifying in supine position when the patient sleeps.

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What Is Stress?


If you want to know more about stress, it means you address rightly. This article is directed to tell you all the truth about stress. Let’s become familiar with the key elements of this notion as stress.

Stress Symptoms, Signs, Causes, Coping Tips

Stress is any deviation from normal health conditions. The stress arises both in a situation of strong grief, and in case of huge pleasure. The stress equally can cause salary increase and dismissal.

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