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I have suffered from diabetes for twelve years already. Now I take insulin as the main preparation.I am in a constant contact with my consulting physician and attend the hospital every two months. Besides I understand my health depends on my own efforts that’s why I make blood glucose test at home. My last consultation with the doctor has persuaded him that it is not necessary for me to visit him so frequent because my HbA1c was consistently normal .

hba1c levels

HbA1c as indicator of Diabetes Control

Is he right making such a decision?

It seems the doctor is sure you are ready to take your diabetes under control. You live together with the disease for a long time that’s why you realize how dangerous the ramifications may be. But sometimes the thought the doctor will be always present in your life may help to become responsible that’s why you may take a deal to meet twice a year. You should understand if something is going wrong you may address the doctor and he will help you immediately.

My treatment lies in the diet only. It is rather difficult to follow the diet and do blood tests at home but I try to do this even before I am going to visit the clinic and my blood glucose test is usually normal. My blood glucose was 4 mmol/L during last analyses results. It turns out the doctor is not satisfied with it because he guesses I do not follow all his recommendations. My HbA1c was too high at 10%.

How is he able to guess?

Out of your story we may come to a conclusion that it seems you do not realize all the seriousness of the disease you suffer from. You cannot even envision how dangerous it is for your life. And the doctor understood it due to your HbA1c. Only constant and strict following of the doctor’s prescriptions may help you to get rid of the severe symptoms.

Less than 5%. Blood glucose test was on average about 5 mmol/litre. The specialist asked me check the data one more time at 2 a.m.

What is the reason of it?

gliclazideA low HbA1c offer at some stage your blood glucose levels are falling extremely low. If you do not observe hypoglycaemic attacks during the day, then it is rational that they are occurring at night. Doing a test at 3 a.m. you should be able to identify whether this is real or not. This will help you to control the condition of your health because during sleep you may have an attack which influences the general health state.

My doctor prescribes me for diabetes treatment diet and gliclazide tablets. I have lost weight due to the diet but my HbA1c test is still too high at 9% and does not seem to be lowered. Last visit to doctor made me shocked I should make insulin injections.

I am interesting whether the doctor is right or not?

It is a comman fact that people feel panic hearing insulin injections but if your diabetes cannot be taken under control and this is the reason for your weight loss. The only thing which may help you is insulin. Be ready to realize it is the way out in case of having such a disorder.


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