The main two folks topics are popular to be discussed concerning two statements “health” and “abundance”. These are two main components of successful life . There are the main points which connect health and abundance. You may have abundance but do not be healthy. And these two statements are difficult to be related. But My Canadian Pharmacy staff are going to look through the main ideas in this connection.

Energy is one of the vital things. You should have energy enough to enjoy the life into the full extent, it doesn’t mean you need just physical energy but mental as well. After you are malnourished and take miserable body’s care, your mind and body can each become worn down more faster than they might envision. In this case we may draw a parallel between health and abundance because if you will take care of yourself including physical and mental health you will receive abundance.

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Stress is important in case when you need it to overcome some conditional state or increase your working capacity. But after such a stress you should give to your body rest, try to find the way to relieve. To be sure not to damage your health you are to calculate the stress level, it shouldn’t be too high but too low is not also good.

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Longevity is a key element which we are eager to achieve. It becomes inessential when you work hard and earn money but have no time and health to enjoy your abundance. This is the fact you are to measure your health abilities of working hard and spend your money. You may have a happy life only in case of complete harmony of your physical, mental and financial state.


Taking right and regular body care should become like a law like you get used to your job daily, only in this case it will give you the results which are important in its achievements. Little sacrifices and victims may help you to see the result which will not slow to arrive although you should follow your rules. In such a case you will prolong your life and have time to spend your abundance and enjoy the life.


Dr. Douglas Goldberg, MD is a Cardiology Specialist in Mineola, NY. He is affiliated with medical facilities Nyu Winthrop Hospital and Mercy Medical Center.