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Nervous system

nervous system

The nervous system is divided on central and peripheral. The central nervous system consists of Cerebrospinal axis. Peripheral includes nerves which connect the central nervous system with all other organs. It is also distinguish the so-called vegetative nervous system consisting of the sympathetic and tenth cranial nerves which go to the same internals and regulate in them the processes which aren’t depending on consciousness of the person. Action of the sympathetic and tenth cranial nerves are opposite. At the normal level of excitability of both parts of vegetative nervous system internals function correctly. At violation of its normal activity there are so-called vegetative neurosis.



The doctrine about acquired reflexes helps to explain influence of smoking on the organism: when the person for the first time begins to smoke a cigarette, he immediately has a protective reflex namely cough. Some people at poisoning with tobacco have nausea and vomiting. At the smoker who is repeatedly smoking after a lunch the conditioned reflex is developed: once he eats, already there is a wish to light.

The type of cigarettes and the smoking people, a room situation where the person smoked all the time are the conditional irritants promoting that the hand reaches for a pack. Not without reason smokers, having changed scenery, rather easily give up smoking. However they should return to work as the requirement to smoke arises again, though to a lesser extent. It can disappear only in case the person once and for all decides to be exempted from smoking. To become free from smoking you may together with Canadian Health&Care Mall at



Nicotine is the strongest poison. Especially active it affects the vegetative nervous system, breaking its regulating influence on inner organs work. Frustration of cardiovascular system and digestive organs at smokers in many respects depend on violations of vegetative nervous system functions. Chronic poisoning with nicotine affects and higher nervous activity of smokers. They quite often have memory disorders. These violations take place soon after the smoking termination. Neuropathologists repeatedly observed the development of epilepsy in smokers: the termination of smoking facilitated disease recurrence or completely liquidated attacks. Though nicotine in these cases was also not a cause of illness, but it promoted its manifestation at these patients. If you are smoking you’d better to check out the website of Canadian Health&Care Mall to find the preparation effective to help you to give up smoking –


Overfatigue of nervous system and nervous debility also often arise at experienced smokers. People working hard and keeping unhealthy lifestyle push their organism to smoke more which may lead to much overfatigue, to the possibility to smoke more and more. As a result of this actions dizziness, headaches, insomnia and giddiness appear.

girl smoke

It is better not to begin smoking at all because it makes more harm than good. It is not fashionable already to stay and smoke, it doesn’t make you beautiful or cool as the teenagers think. To be cool you should live in harmony with yourself and behave as you get used to do.


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