Obesity and Overweight increasing worldwide

Obesity becomes the most malicious enemy of mankind around the world. Lately this problem grew, but generally concerns rich and people with prosperity, above an average. Obesity cause significant increase in body weight in the absence of other diseases. The exception is made by small percent of the cases caused by hormonal violations. Usually inhabitants call obesity excess weight, but for experts distinction exist. It is possible to speak about excess weight at the person if the mass of his body exceeds medical norm from ten to nineteen per cent. When body weight exceeds norm for twenty and more percent, we may speak already about obesity. The normal weight of the person is calculated according to special tables and depends on sex, age, height and the constitution of the person.

obesity worldwide

Causes and mechanisms of Obesity

Thus, obesity can be considered the continuation of excess weight connected, as a rule, with adjournment of excess fat layers in organism when the energy consumed with food constantly exceeds an organism expense. As a result excess of energy collects “for emergency” in fatty depots. Obesity can’t occur in a week or two, much bigger term is necessary for this purpose. It is gradual process which goes without hurrying, a long time when the considerable positive balance of energy, generally at the expense of increase in consumption of energy with food is supported. It is possible to treat obesity with My Canadian Health Care Mall.

You are What You Eat

Receptors of high-calorie and fatty food irritate and tempt appetite, to which we cannot resist, irrespective of nutritional value of food. Of course, it is violation of culture and hygiene of food. On the other hand, the modern city life means quite considerable mechanization and decrease in physical activity of the person (sedentary life). It led to decrease in the general power consumption in our organism, so that reduced need for calories. Increase in caloric content of food, due to application of concentrates, and decrease in level of activity, in a complex prerequisites for obesity create. Sometimes obesity arises because of hormonal violations or increase in action of some hormones and enzymes. My Canadian Pharmacy has in its assortment medical preparations for obesity treatment. It is possible to become safe and sound again.

Overweight formule

BMI (Body Mass Index)= weight (kg) / height(m) x height(m)

If your BMI > 35 or over, you are severe obesity,

if BMI >30 or over, you are obesity.

The Health Risks of Overweight and Obesity

Obesity creates risks for health not only in itself. It appears not only somatic, but also mental violations at persons with obesity. Change of body shape and distortion of appearance can become the reasons of depression or psychological complexes. Many patients with obesity complain of joint pains that testifies to development of arthritis as their joints constantly have the excessive loading connected with excessive body weight. These are the most evident troubles and dangers which are caused by obesity. But obesity has still greater influence, than visible changes, causing number of problems with health. At obesity the level of fats in blood that causes adjournment of fatty plaques in vessels and to narrowing of these vessels increases. It in turn increases arterial pressure, and also increases risk of heart attacks or stroke development.

obesity infographic

Image source: World Health Organization, healthbuzz.asia Infographic

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