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Neurobion Forte

General InformationThe preparation belongs to the medicines containing a complex of vitamins. To Neurobion and Neurobion Forte contain in the structure the neurophilic vitamins relating to group B which play an important role in glycometabolism,…
new drugs arrivals

New Products in Stock 2018

Top 8 Best Products for 2018 YearErectile Dysfunction Solution:Tadalis SX the New form of Generic Cialis is effective up to 36 hours after dosing Forzest contains tadalafil active ingredient Penegra a popular version for…
new drugs arrivals

Launch of Lithium 150 mg Starts

Important Announcement Lithium 150 mg appears on sale on Canadian Health&Care Mall.Lithium 150 mg is mind-altering drugs from the group of mood stabilizing agent and is applied at treatment of affective disorders, depression. This preparation…