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General Information

Itch is an specific unpleasant feeling causing a demand to scratch the damaged area. It is not an independent disease but only a symptom which witnesses about derm helminthiasis, central nervous system and inner organs damages.


itch_localAccording to the spread there are two types of itch that’s local itch and pruritus generalisatus. Local itch can be considered to be head skin itch, on wrist and hand skin. Head skin itch is a subjective sensation, it is difficult to estimate its intensity.

It can be expressed and imperceptible, according to the time span it may be constant and temporary.


The mechanism of skin itch development isn’t so simple as can seem at first sight. In its basis a chain from consecutive nervous and antibody responses in skin, and the set of the most different factors can provoke the appearance of itch.

It is known that pain and itch are perceived by the same receptors in skin.

Biologically active substances released by leukocytes and other cells of the immune system play the main role in itch appearance. Other words itch may be called inflammatory mediators.


Local reasons of skin itch are:

The reasons of pruritus generalisatus are the following:


treatment_itchItch brings so unpleasant feelings that people are eager to get rid of it as faster as possible that’s why you should begin treatment as fast as you can. For achieving the best results you may check out the website of Canadian Health and Care mall. It is the Internet supplier of well-qualified preparations and besides it ships itch drugs internationally.

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Before implementing recommendations about skin itch treatment, it is necessary to exclude factors which cause its excessive dryness namely washing hands with hot water, wearing synthetic clothes, emotional experiences, intake of some drugs. Only after excluding all these events you may identify whether the itch is a real disease and you may find the treatment to it.

At infectious and parasitic skin damages it is necessary to influence the reason causing a skin itch directly. These are local antiseptics and antibiotics, means from true lice and helminths. At an allergic skin itch origin antihistamines, as for the use inside, and external forms in the form of lotion, ointments, gel may be applied. The doctor can appoint glucocorticoids for local applying to a short period.

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