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What is toxicosis of pregnancy?

Toxicosis of pregnancy is an extensive condition of pregnant women which is followed by nausea and vomiting. Toxicosis of pregnancy appears because of toxicity of bacteria poisons and other noxious substances developed in the woman’s organism during the fetation. There are three stages of toxicosis.

The first stage is when nausea and vomiting occurs rare, five times per day. The second stage is when nausea and vomiting occurs ten times per day and weight loss is considerable, as a result the arterial blood pressure can be lowered down. The third stage is when nausea and vomiting is observed twenty four hours per day. The third stage can be characterized be the weight loss (approximately ten kg), increase of temperature and tachysphygmia. These symptoms are rather dangerous for the fetus.

Toxicosis of pregnancy Treatments

There are different ways of toxicosis of pregnancy treatment. It is rather dangerous to use drugs during the pregnancy period but the medical spheres develop too fast that’s why there are pills which can make nausea and vomiting be rare as it can be. For example Canadian Health&Care Mall is a drug store chain. This online pharmacy suggests different kinds of drugs for women health. Checking out the web site and you will find everything you need. But the majority of pregnant women prefer to use folk methods to avoid toxicosis of pregnancy.

For example you should replace rich food to steamed food, not to go to bed after the moment you have a meal, do not make precipitous movements, do not drink juices containing coloring materials replacing them to the fruits and vegetables with high level of water.

Types of Toxicosis

Toxicosis of pregnancy can be early pregnancy toxemia and late toxicosis. Early pregnancy toxemia is evidenced on the fifth or sixth weeks of pregnancy and ends to the thirteenth or fourteenth weeks. But pregnancy is an individual process that’s why everything can go on by the organism’s plan. Late toxicosis appears in the last trimester.

The lack of toxicity – myth or reality

There are cases when toxicosis is completely absent. Women get used to such notion as toxicosis and they are afraid when they do not have it. But doctors calm them claiming it is normal when a woman doesn’t suffer from constant nausea and vomiting, it means the woman’s organism is ready and strong enough to readjust to a new way of living.

lack of toxicity


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