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anonymous manI suffer from obesity and do my best to lose about 25 kg. I love sweats, ice cream I like everything what contains non dairy fats. May I lose the weight keeping such a lifestyle?


You can include a little bit of ice-cream in your diet plan. Non dairy fats mean that the manufacturers have used vegetable fats, which contain just as many calories as milk fat. Most ice cream has about ten per cent fat and around eighty to one hundred calories per portion. You may buy ice-cream of lesser calories but it is more expensive in comparison with other types of ice cream. In such a way you should decide whether the game is worth the candle. I have heard that there is a new pills for appetite decrease on the market but is it suitable for people with diabetes?


It is important to know that both appetite lowering drugs are now no longer available. Now we are going to know more about these drugs.

  • Rimonabant gained license for been used in the UK in 2006 and was sufficient in losing weight. But there was so many side effects including depression that is why it was discontinued in 2008.
  • Sibutramine (Reductil) could be taken by all kind of people except the patients with heart diseases or hypertension. In January 2010, the government claimed that Sibutramine should no longer be used because of severe side effects.

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xenicalA further drug suitable for use in diabetes is orlistat (Xenical). The key element is that in the stomach and small intestinal canal the fat from food is digested. This loss of fat is calories loss and therefore can become a result of weight loss. It is reasonable that a low fat diet is followed to lessen side effects. If you test this method of weight loss, it is advised that you may use of helpline to be answered the questions.

That’s a petty that two preparations for weight loss have been taken out from sellings. But there is one opportunity to take them but only in case of ineffectiveness of other drugs for diabetes treatment.


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