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Unusual types of allergy

Canadian Health&Care Mall decides to prolong the list of unusual types of allergy which may be treated together with drugs sold in my canadian pharmacy. This article contains the information about allergy for innovative technologies, allergy for alcohol and water.

Allergy for water

It is a known fact that water is life. It is more surprising to that to hear that there are people who have allergy for water. Usually the disease arises with sharp temperature drop of water and is shown usually at inhabitants of Africa, India and other countries with hot climate. These people have limited access to liquid, as a result their skin weans from continuous moistening. When on it cold or hot water gets, body red spots, rash and even microburns start appearing. Water brings to the organism which weaned from it peculiar problems. Similar, but weaker manifestations can arise at long bathing in warm water. On skin then small spots which start scratching are formed and look as rashes. Though such type of allergy is also quite rare, fatal outcomes from it weren’t found though in India and cases of instant burns from hit on water skin were fixed.

allergy for water

Nowadays scientists cannot identify the true reasons of such strange influence of moisture on a human body. The case of the young Australian Ashley Morris who got such allergy after a disease in the childhood of quinsy is known. Doctors prescribed medicine among which penicillin was. Soon the girl found out that after acceptance of a bathtub on a body there is a bright red rash. Dermatologists defined that drugs changed quantity of histamine in blood, as led to violation of functions regulation. Now any touch to water causes the itching rash and a peeling. She can’t even walk down the street as the acting sweat at once leads to reaction of skin. But the pluses in such situation of Ashley may be found including it never should erase and wash the dishes.

Allergy for alcohol

allergy for alchoholOne more type is allergy for alcohol. The word “allergy” causes in imagination a picture with dust, wool, citrus and others. However there are in the nature people who have a reaction to alcohol. It is shown in reddening of hands, face and trunk. Skin gets rashes and itch, the person is attacked by cold, there can even be also asthma in especially hard cases. Canadian Health&Care Mall will help you to select necessary drugs not only for allergy but for asthma treatment as well. In case of possession of such reactions it is better not to limit reception of such alcohol, and to refuse it at all. And it isn’t so heavy at all as it seems. Most often the intolerance of red wine meets, it meets at 10-15% of people. However the allergy most often is caused not by alcohol, but polyphenol compounds which are included. The fact is proved that the allergy for vodka practically doesn’t happen. Moreover, alcohol as it appeared, reduces allergenic properties of other foodstuff. The French doctors even recommend to wash down strawberry with wine that to people who possess an allergy to it. Thus it is recommended to choose natural white or red grades of drink which should stand a little before drinking. It is claimed that it will help to avoid undesirable consequences.

Allergy for innovative technologies

And the latest type here is allergy for innovative technologies. There are such items which are consider to be the items of innovative technologies. We bear the mobile phone and the laptop, at home we have TV, and in kitchen – a microwave. All these devices considerably facilitate our life. Only allergy may be caused by such items in some people. Cases when a work couple of hours at the computer was enough were noted to cause an allergic attack. And to this phenomenon there is the scientific explanation.

The matter is that about 15% of people possess the raised susceptibility to magnetic fields.

Most likely, there are people supersensitivity as well. All equipment working around – the satellite antenna, the TV, the computer, is a source of an electromagnetic field. And devices of a wireless communication – a bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the same mobile phone not simply radiate waves, but also create their own field. The difficult broadband signal will hardly become the allergy reason for the ordinary person, but for the allergic person it can become a reason for an attack. In the developed countries radio signals penetrated literally everything, the wireless Internet is available everywhere. But it may provoke allergy attack at some people. No wonder that in America cases of protest of allergic persons against the wireless Internet are noted. In Canadian citizens with hypersensibility to electromagnetic fields even are moved in sanatorium at the expense of the state. Despite weak spread of such allergy, the main thing to what doctors urge in that case not to be panic. This allergy, as well as others, is treated, thus is quite successful.


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