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Reaching the age of 40, about half of men may experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) of a certain degree. But according to statistics, less than 20 percent goes to the doctor when symptoms of mild or moderate ED appear. Of course, in urgent cases, you can buy Viagra online to quickly eliminate the symptoms. But given the predictive properties of erectile dysfunction, it is important to consult a doctor. This disorder may indicate more serious malfunctions in the body, so it is important to undergo a complete medical diagnosis, including taking a biochemical blood test and getting electrocardiography.

Urologist – Head Physician in the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Urologists are specialists who help treat diseases of the genitourinary system (for example, rapid urination and impaired erectile function).

The urologist performs the following steps to properly diagnose ED:

  • studies medical anamnesis and sexual history
  • does a physical examination (will check the penile organ and testicles, probably take your arterial pressure and listen to heartbeat)
  • may order some urine / blood tests, based on the data obtained during physical examination
  • may recommend overnight erection test (medical name is nocturnal penile tumescence test), which is needed to confirm if a man have an erection at night; if it shows its presence, there is a high probability that ED has mental nature;
  • may use injection test, that is, perform a penile shot with an erection-causing substance, if penis doesn’t get hard, this can mean blood circulation issues
  • may resort to ultrasound tests (Doppler method), which also helps to detect blood flow problems, they can be used simultaneously with injections
  • if he notices some emotional problems, he may ask several questions regarding your psychological condition

Urologists may find problems in your reproductive system, such as benign prostate hyperplasia (which may contribute to ED), nerve damage, and excessive urine volume.

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When Do I Need the Help of an Endocrinologist?

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by hormonal misbalance. There are three diseases of this type that can cause a worsening of an erection:

  • Andropause (also called ‘male menopause’ or ‘penopause’, especially in Dutch-speaking communities). During andropause, testosterone decreases. The muscles are converted to fat; the sexual drive diminishes and erections are no longer as hard as in a man’s twenties. Because the balance between estrogen and testosterone is ruined, a man become feminized, and his erections weaken.  
  • High prolactin levels in the body. This hormone is responsible for controlling sperm production. Hyperprolactinemia suppresses sperm formation and may negatively affect sex drive along with erectile function.
  • Disrupted thyroid hormone levels (too high or too low). Both conditions may affect an ability to have erections, although researchers are not sure why this happens.

Endocrine diseases require specific treatment, which may be hormonal.

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Psychotherapist Can Help with Psychogenic ED

If erectile dysfunction is of a psychological nature, that is, it arose not because of physiological disorders, but because of increased nervousness before sex, sexual complexes, behavioral factors in the interaction between partners, etc., the help of a psychotherapist can be very useful. There is no need to treat organic pathology, but symptomatic treatment of ED can be prescribed.

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Using Viagra, Cialis or a similar drug, a man, as it were, trains his psyche. For a certain period, medications become a lifesaver for him, but as the psychological mechanisms of protection against nervousness and fears develop, the tablets are gradually canceled. But with qualified intervention and the use of existing methods, the patient can avoid pharmacological support, which is especially important if there are contraindications or inefficiency of the tablets due to the strongly expressed negative mental experiences. A doctor may give him special questionnaires which help to reveal anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders.

However, with organic ED, PDE5i medications, Viagra-type pills, are almost irreplaceable.

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