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If you feel itchy in your pants, this may be a symptom of a yeast infection. You have probably heard about thrush in women, which affects the genital organs and is caused by candida.

However, this fungus can also affect men, although the disease usually proceeds with less serious symptoms.

Yeast infection in men mostly occurs due to increased reproduction of Candida albicans fungi. These microorganisms are present in the body of each person in small quantities. Under normal conditions, the body does not allow it to develop, but when weakened, the fungus can make itself felt.

Yeast Infections in Men are Rare

About 10 percent of men at least once in their lives may encounter this disease.

In women, such an ailment can be caused by hormonal contraception, the use of too much bread and sugar, as well as the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics. In men, a yeast infection can be caused by similar factors (hormonal contraception does not count), and it can also be transmitted through sexual contact with a woman suffering from thrush.


Usually, the symptoms are much more serious in women, but men can suffer significantly. They may experience the following: genital erythema, itching near the foreskin, small blisters on the penis head. Often, symptoms of thrush in men appear immediately after the intercourse and can quickly disappear even without treatment.

how to treat genital yeast infection in men

Disease Treatment

Usually, this disease cannot be cured using natural methods, but simple antifungal agents can quickly help in healing. Usually it’s enough to go to the pharmacy and buy over-the-counter medicines (or order them online), but if the therapy with them is unsuccessful, then you should consult a doctor for advice, maybe he will find that you suffer from another disease (non-fungal) that requires a completely different approach to treatment.

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Prolonged Yeast Infection Can Cause Problems

Although yeast infection is not a very dangerous disease for the body, it is still recommended to start treatment as soon as possible. Inflammation with mild symptoms or their absence can continue and infect the potential partner (s) during intercourse. But it is worth noting that men (with the exception of rare cases) do not become infected from women with this type of infection. Often, thrush in men occurs during a wife’s pregnancy. This is due to the fact that this condition creates more favorable conditions for the fungus, which leads to intensive reproduction of the pathogen of thrush.

yeast disease complications


As you can see, there is a risk of infection, therefore, both sides of the sexual relationship should be treated and sexual contact should be avoided during the treatment period. If you do not adhere to the temporary sexual abstinence recommended by your doctor, this can lead to an unpleasant relapse (rollback), and your partner will get a repeated yeast infection.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. 
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