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7 Interesting Facts About Erections You Probably Didn’t Know

It would seem that every adult man knows everything about an erection, this topic is considered to have been explored back in adolescence. But there are amazing facts that you will probably be interested in.

1. First Erection Happens in the Womb

Surprisingly, often newborns are born with an erection. It is not very noticeable due to the small size of the penis in the baby, however, it may be present. Moreover, a 1991 study showed that an erection can occur even in the womb, and its frequency can reach several times per hour. This is most often observed during REM sleep.

2. Terminal Erection – Last Time Not in Life, but After Death

According to some reports, a complete or incomplete erection, excretion of urine or mucus is observed in about 30 percent of deaths from hanging. These unusual phenomena are explained by the pressure of the loop on the cerebellum. Post-death priapism may also be a sign of a fatal gunshot wound to the brain or violent death due to poisoning.

3. It Is Impossible to Simulate an Erection

If a man has an erection, then he is really sexually excited. Not a single talented actor can fake this physiological process. Some stimulant medications can facilitate the process of facilitating an erection, but natural sexual arousal is usually required before they begin to act. We are talking about Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

4. There Is No Connection Between Shoe Size and Penis Length

It used to be that the size of the shoe could partially show the length of the penis and vice versa, that is, as if there was a correlation between these values. However, in 2002, scientists J. Shah and N. Christopher published an extensive study ‘Can shoe size predict penile length?’, in which they stated the opposite – there is no adequate scientific evidence for that statement. Therefore, women should not judge the size of the penis by the size of the shoes, such observations may be wrong, big sneakers or shoes do not mean at all that their owner has a large penis in an erect state.

5. There Are 3 Types of Erections

In different cases, different reactions occur on the part of the genital organ. Reflexogenic erections result from actual contact, psychogenic erections from audiovisual stimulation or fantasy, and nocturnal erections from involuntarily during sleep. The last two types of erections often occur unintentionally and can occur at the most inopportune times.

6. Several Erections per Night – This is a Normal Phenomenon

In men, from 3 to 5 erections usually happen during the night (as in the case with the fetus described above, they usually appear during the REM phase). In addition, the so-called ‘swelling’ of the penis arises at night, the nature of which is still completely unclear. There is a theory that this is intended to inhibit urination, the urge for which can interrupt a pleasant night’s sleep.

7. Nocturnal Erection May Help with the Right Diagnosis

By analyzing the presence of erections at night, the nature of erectile dysfunction can be determined. If an ED sufferer experiences an erection during sleep, but the hardness of the penis is not observed during sexual contact with a partner, then this is most likely a psychological problem, not a physiological one.