Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: How do I make a purchase at Canadian Health Care Mall?

    A: In order to make a purchase at our drugstore you are kindly asked to click on the following link first. There you will see a well-structured drug database that makes it easy to find the medicine you are looking for. Or, alternatively, you can use the embedded search engine and find the drug by typing in the name of the medicine in the search field.
    The next step is to choose the quantity.
    Please mind that normally you can save money when buying bigger blisters or number of packages.
    Once you are done, you will be transferred to the check-out page of the site. There you will be asked to fill in the form with your personal information as well as credit card details. Do not be concerned, since the information you enter will go through pages encrypted with security encoding that will keep our personal data safe.
    Upon completion of this routine you will receive an email confirming the placing of the order. It will take several hours for your order to be processed. During this time the customer service will make sure that the drugs you ordered are in stock and dispatch your order. You will receive another confirmation email when this is done.
    Please mind that if you place your order during weekend or holidays it will be processed on the next working day.
    Also, you can read about 7 easy steps to make an order at My Canadian Health Care Mall.

  2. Q: Is shopping with Canadian Health Care Mall safe?

    A: Canadian Health Care Mall is a drugstore with an internationally established name. Its popularity is well grounded on the principles of safety, security and commitment to the customers.
    Check-out page is protected with SSI encryption that makes it highly unlikely that your personal information will be stolen.
    The information that you share with Canadian Health Care Mall remains in the database of the drugstore and will never be shared with any third party.
    Canadian Health Care Mall protects its customers from spamming, scamming and phishing activities.

  3. Q: What are advantages of Canadian Health Care Mall?

    A: When shopping at Canadian Health Care Mall you get to benefit from top quality services, honest and competitive pricing policy, flexible system of bonuses, special offers, free shipping as a part of bonus program available for returned customers, and of course the impeccable quality of drugs by world’s famous manufacturers.
    The choice of medicines at Canadian Health Care Mall is a point to be proud of, since we have practically every medicine known to modern science. We make a point of having them always in stock for our customers not to leave empty-handed. This system is smoothly run and operated by a team of experienced and enthusiastic people with passion to perform at their best.
    You will be happy to see trial packs as a part of special offers program. It is a great invention of the newest era in modern pharmacology – you can buy several blisters of different drugs to address the same ailment in one package and find out which one works best for you in case you don’t have any experience with them. Or, alternatively, if you know that both work well in your condition, but you would like to use both according to the needs of the moment. The topicality of this is most vividly viewed at the example of ED trial packs containing Generic Viagra and Generic Cialis, or Viagra, Cialis and Revatio – the combinations are listless.

  4. Q: What is the shipping policy at Canadian Health Care Mall?

    A: The shipping policy of Canadian Health Care Mall varies from one drug to another. Not every medicine can be delivered in a package. These include the temperature-sensitive goods, such as requiring extra safe delivery (as sedatives or tranquilizers) or large packages.
    When you place your order you will receive information about the goods that can be sent as a letter. It is important to empty the mailbox every day when waiting for mail delivery and to think that medicine should be kept away from children and pets if you have a mail slot in the apartment. If the letter does not fit in the mailbox / letterbox given a notice and the item will then be picked up at the post’s delivery.
    The shipping time depends largely on your location. Normally it takes up to three weeks to deliver the order.

  5. Q: What can I buy at Canadian Health Care Mall?

    A: At Canada Health Care Mall, you can choose a very large selection of prescription medicines and products for body care and wellness. The range corresponds to more than what is on the nation’s largest drugstore. You can also order prescription drugs here. Assuming you have e-ID, you can order your prescription medications.
    There is a wide choice of medicines for the treatment of various conditions. To find the needed drug you can either type in the name of the drug in the search field or look for it and its analogues under the corresponding category.
    If you do not find the drug you are looking for you can contact the customer service or leave a request via e-mail: You will help us widen our choice of medicines or help you find the drug in case you overlooked it.