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As reported by scientists at University of North Carolina, premature ejaculation (abbreviated PE) is likely the most prevalent sexual malfunction in men. That makes sense considering that many young males may suffer from this disorder, not to mention adults. It is known that in every age group about one third of men suffer from this distressing disorder which may impact and even ruin relationships. Despite high availability of medical information, the situation has engendered contradictory and strange misbeliefs like that all males with PE may develop severe anxiety disorders or that the risk to have PE decreases with age.

1. Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction Are Equipollent Things

These two disorders are unreservedly dissimilar. When a male has erectile dysfunction (ED), he has troubles with getting or keeping erection at the level which is enough for normal sex. PE, on the other hand, refers to situations when a man is unable to control ejaculation, but the ability to achieve erections is saved. Sometimes, ED and PE coexist.

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2. Premature Ejaculation is Caused by Nervousness

While many occasions may (partially or wholly) have psychoemotional nature, a lot of cases are caused by oversensitive glans penis which have no relation to psychological component. Males with glans’ oversensitivity are considered to have low ejaculatory threshold.

3. Men Have PE If They Ejaculate Within 2 Min After Penetration

International guidelines on PE define it as when a male person ejaculates within 60 seconds of entering his partner. However, the average duration of sexual intercourse is just 5.4 minutes (across all couples). But that’s not the point. Males who last 2 minutes or longer may also insist that they have the disorder. PE may happen occasionally, the key thing here is ability or inability to control the ejaculation.

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4. Alcohol, Marijuana, and Antidepressants Are Good Tools to Combat the Disorder

Inhibition of sensitivity and ejaculation may be aftereffect of these drugs, but one should take in account other side effects that may be caused. Drug and alcohol abuse is related to libido worsening, erectile disorders, and testosterone level decrease.

As for medical support, guys may use antidepressants but they should be aware that this class of drugs may cause some side effects including sexual ones like lessened libidinal characteristics. Moreover, not all remedies against depression are suitable. There is the only oral medication approved for PE (see information about it in the ending section of this article). Plus, in any case you should take meds in moderate dosage, not for long period of time, and under doctor’s supervision.

5. Ejaculation is a Physiological Process that Cannot be Controlled

You most likely know such thing as bladder control, it’s when you stop urine flow from being released (the-so called toilet training). If one learns how to control ejaculation (and this is definitely possible) he is unlikely to forget this capability. That’s why Kegel exercises may be advantageous for treating PE, as they help to strengthen the urinary sphincter and musculature which is responsible for control of ejaculatory process.

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6. Possibility to Have PE Decreases with Age

Many youngsters suffer from ED, that’s true. But, surprisingly, the prevalence of the disorders remains at approximately the same level to the age of fifty. Then it remarkably climbs up before calming down and decreasing. For instance, with accordance to a large-scale study by Korean scientists published in Asian Journal of Andrology (2010), only about 15 per cent of answerers in the age over fifty had complained of premature ejaculation.

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7. A Semi-Myth – PE Has Become “Medicalized”

This is a not common but definitely existing myth. Many people think that any male with the disorder can easily use a magic pill which will cure the problem. In fact, according to research, only 12% of respondents had used medical treatments. That’s actually an issue, because the contemporary medicine can offer decent solutions for premature ejaculation, like Priligy (Vriligy) which contains dapoxetine. But in reality, not all men are aware of this treating method. You can check the assortment of our products and order this medication without obstacles.

The medication was initially studied as an antidepressant but then healthcare professionals revealed unsuspected dapoxetine characteristics and switched to a different dimension of its use, i.e. therapy of premature ejaculation. At the moment, this is the only medication approved by regulatory bodies of different countries specifically for PE treatment.

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