At What Age Does ED Start? Epidemiology Statistics and Prevention

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The risk of erectile dysfunction is known to increase with age. Therefore, many men sooner or later begin to wonder – when can this happen? And is it possible to prevent the development of impotence?

What Do Doctors Say?

Dr. Newton at UnityPoint Health says that according to his experience, about half of men after reaching the age of forty have problems with erection. Therefore, he believes a man shouldn’t be ashamed of seeking medical help because the urologist will certainly not see a patient with erection problems for the first time. There is nothing shameful in this, especially considering the statistics.

The doctor has also identified several main causes of erectile disorders: decreased testosterone (which also leads to a decrease in libido), diabetes, vascular diseases, obesity, psychosocial stress and smoking.

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Official Statistics

American scientists at the Welch Center for Prevention revealed that the overall prevalence of the condition in male persons aged >/=20 was 18.4%. It was also shown that diabetes was a huge risk factor for ED, men with this disease also had erectile dysfunction in about 50% of cases.

As reported by Turkish scientists at Mersin University School of Medicine, the median prevalence of impotence was about 33% among all males aged ≥40.

According to the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey prevalence of erectile dysfunction is 77.5% in males aged ≥75.

Can Erectile Dysfunction be Prevented?

Lifestyle change helps prevent impotence. Men after reaching 40-50 years old and in the presence of any predisposing risks need to monitor the state of the cardiovascular system and timely treat diseases that affect the function of the genital organs.

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The main methods of prevention are as follows:

  • refusal of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs
  • normalization of body weight
  • change in diet
  • regular physical activity (at least long walks or regular visits to the swimming pool)
  • elimination of anxiety and stress
  • ongoing diabetes mellitus therapy to maintain normal blood glucose levels

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The Bottom Line

Thus, incidence of ED ruthlessly increases with age. However, this does not mean that after reaching 40-50 you are doomed. Proper nutrition, exercise and a generally healthy lifestyle will help maintain potency for as long as possible. In addition, even with a serious age-related ED, help is possible, since there are a number of highly effective pills (Viagra, Cialis) that can provide the desired effect with almost any diagnosis (however, if sex is contraindicated for a man due to the possibility of cardiovascular events, he cannot take such pills). There are also other contraindications to taking Viagra, for example, taking nitrates. Then you need to look for other ways to treat impotence. However, in most cases, erectile dysfunction is effectively treated and can even be cured.

*Consulting with a licensed healthcare professional in your own country is always recommended before considering purchasing medications online.