Can Tight Underwear Cause Erectile Dysfunction? Myths and Truth

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What does ‘male power’ depend on? The answer to this question can be found in medical reference books. Functioning of the ‘main male organ’ depends on the state of the vessels. If, for a number of mechanical or physiological reasons, vasoconstriction is observed, it is not worth counting on the normal functioning of this part of the body.

Negative changes may occur due to improper lifestyle (alcohol in heavy doses and nicotine in large doses), constant stress (both at work and at home), hereditary factors.

Among the representatives of modern society there is an opinion that tight and uncomfortable underwear can be added to the list of reasons that negatively affect erectile function. Does this correspond to reality?

tight underpants and erectile dysfunction

By What Criteria Do Men Choose Underpants?

It's hard to believe, but modern men are not inferior to women in pickiness when choosing underwear. Of course, such an attitude to buying underwear is not typical for everyone. Girlfriends and wives often give underwear to their male partners. For example, at symbolic holidays, family dates, and just for the occasion. Women choose men's underwear to their taste, evaluating the fabric and the shape.

Currently, men do not hesitate to go to underwear stores. When choosing underpants, they are guided by the following factors:

  • the form;
  • convenience of everyday use;
  • fabric (the main one and gusset);
  • coloring.

The first and most important factor is the form (appearance of underwear), the other ones are complementary. Statistics shows that a large percentage of modern men prefer tight-fitting underpants. The reason is the cut of stylish clothes.

Now wearing tight pants is not a sign of non-heterosexual sexual orientation. It is permissible to wear tight pants, especially if they tightly fit the buttocks, complete with narrow underpants so that nothing stands out. This is only one of the reasons for the popularity of tight men's underwear.

underwear and sexual function

The Effect of Tight Underwear on Sexual Function

Statistics is inexorable: love for tight panties can cause the development of serious diseases. According to studies, representatives of the strong half of humanity, preferring boxers and familiar family underpants, possess better quality sperm than their counterparts, who wear daily tight swimming trunks or thongs.

Separately, it is worth mentioning thongs. Urologists and andrologists recommend that men completely abandon them. Alternatively, do not wear them more than one to two hours a day. Besides the fact that tight pants tighten the testicles, a narrow strip irritates the anus. Proctologists support the opinion of abovementioned specialists. A visit to a doctor of this specialization is a separate ‘pleasure’, so it makes sense to avoid it.

What is the connection between male infertility and tight underpants? The most direct one. Sperm, with the exception of some ‘interspersions’, is made of protein, free amino acids, enzymes, etc. As you know, under the influence of high temperatures, protein and aminos coagulate. It is this process that occurs in the testicles, strongly crimped by tight underpants. Sperm cells simply die. As a result, all attempts to conceive a baby are unsuccessful. A man who prefers swimming trunks to family underpants is capable of full-fledged sexual intercourse.

However, when it comes to procreation, the result will be close to zero.

These aren’t ‘horror stories’ for the night or an advertisement for loose boxers. These are research findings. If required, we can familiarize ourselves with them separately.

tight underwear and ed

Can Tight Underwear Cause ED?

There are many reasons for erectile dysfunction, this really dangerous disease of modern mankind. But a direct connection between tight underpants and problems with the fulfilling of marital duty is not revealed. As already mentioned, the ‘aggregate’ refuses to work with narrowing of blood vessels. A sufficient amount of blood does not reach the male genital organ, which makes full intercourse impossible. Tight underwear does not affect the state of the vessels.

Yes, tight panties increase the temperature of the testicles, which affects the quality and quantity of seminal fluid. But they do not affect the very function of the manhood.

This fact does not mean that you can carelessly approach the choice of underwear. On the contrary, a careful and responsible approach is only welcome. According to experienced andrologists, urologists, sex therapists (in a word, all doctors involved in restoring men's health), boxer shorts with an anatomical pocket remain ideal underpants. Wearing them does not cause discomfort, excluding the penis friction on the legs or trousers. The presence of an anatomical pocket helps maintain optimal temperature of the testicles, providing good air circulation.

Comfortable underwear is the key to excellent men's health.

*Consulting with a licensed healthcare professional in your own country is always recommended before considering purchasing medications online.