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As with many topics which have intimate nature, many people cannot openly and honestly about erection problems. Naturally, this may lead to occurrence of myths and misconceptions about this sexual disorder, its causes and therapeutic options that can be used to handle it.

To bring more awareness to online communities, we’ve decided to debunk some wrong theories you may find on forums and / or from other persons in real life.

ED Is Inevitable With Aging

This is a widespread misconception among folks, although it’s correct that incidence of the erectile disorder increases with age, it is not an inevitable health condition, and can definitely be avoided, even in the elderly.

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Many elderly males have never suffered from impotence symptoms. By caring for your general health, you will decrease chances of ED occurrence even in the old age. This particularly applies for maintaining due condition of cardiovascular health and normal parameters of bodyweight.

If One Starts Using ED Tabs, They’ll be Stuck with Them for Life

Taking pills at initial stage of developing problems is not always the best idea, but modern ED treatments don’t cause addiction.

There’s certainly no question of dependence with drugs such as Viagra, Levitra or Cialis, and even habitual users may easily switch to other medications or cancel their intake, that’s not an issue at all.

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Alternative Medicine is the Best Option For ED Treatment

There are various therapies which allegedly may treat or even ‘cure’ ED, there is no adequate scientifically evidence to support their efficacy and no wide-scale trials to evaluate their safety. Old-school esoteric traditions like reflexology and aromatherapy are usually safe, even if they have poor effect.

But when it comes to other methods like acupuncture (when performed by an unskilled person) and herbal supplements (especially when there is no clear identification of what active agents they contain), there are potential dangers. You may expose your health to a serious damage like poisoning or severe side effect. If you strive to have treatment (self-therapy) outside a medical establishment, it still a good idea to consult your doctor before initiating such a therapy. In addition, ED symptoms may signalize a severer health condition like cardiovascular disease, so a proper diagnosis is always important.

ED Is a Sign of Infertility

That’s not correct. Erectile dysfunction and male infertility are two separate health problems and, as a rule, there is no association between them. Rarely, they may develop simultaneously and feature identical engendering cause like damage to the testes, radiation therapy aftereffects, and severe testosterone deficiency (which affects both libido and potency).

According to a study by Francesco Lotti and Mario Maggi (Nature Reviews Urology, 2018), in infertile males, hypoactive sexual desire (HSD) and lack of sexual satisfaction are the most widespread types of sexual dysfunction.

ED is not related to such sperm disorders like oligospermia (low sperm count) or azoospermia (no spermatozoa). However, men with erectile malfunction may not be able to fertilize in the traditional way, but in severe cases they can resort to IVF (in vitro fertilization). Oral treatments usually help to achieve an erection.

How to Know If You Have ED? A Short Guide

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Young Males Cannot Have ED, They Just Suffer From Lack of Desire (Libido)

This is a myth which can be really sad or hazardous to people as it raises a question of their sexual attraction to a partner. Sometimes, partners of ED sufferers may begin to worry about their sexuality. In reality, men rarely develop impotence based solely on the lack of desire for another individual, and the suggestion of such a possibility is a simplification. ED causes are typically more complex and involve organic and / or psychogenic factors.

It is possible than sexual desire may decrease under the influence of some factors within relationships in couple. Examples might include erosion of trust after cheating or betrayal. Domestic violence may also lead to psychogenic deterioration of sex drive. In such cases, erectile dysfunction may be a subject of investigation from a psychological perspective, and it cannot be called just a ‘lack of libido’ syndrome.

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