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Levitra (active agent vardenafil) is a common medicine used to stimulate erectile function in males suffering from ED. In general, the medication takes about 25-60 minutes to show noticeable effects. However, several factors might influence the onset of vardenafil’s effect and its duration in the body.

Levitra Effect – Duration and Influencing Factors

All PDE5 inhibitors (except Cialis and some newly developed medications) work similarly and provide virtually the same duration of action with some subtle differences. Levitra is similar to Viagra, which lasts up to 5 hours. If you take Levitra, you can expect 4-5-hour effect duration. Sometimes, it may last longer, it all depends on your body’s metabolism, dosage (higher dosages tend to work longer), and external factors, such as food intake.

levitra duration of action

Let’s analyze factors that might affect duration of Levitra’s effect:

  • Dosage. The lowest available dosage (5 mg) will not last as long as 20 mg.
  • Age. Metabolism slows down with age. Hence, older men may experience longer effect (usually this is noticeable in gentlemen after 65).
  • Diet. Having a heavy meal may delay the start of Levitra’s work, however, this may make it last longer, because metabolizing rate slows down. Alcohol may decrease inflow of the blood to the penile organ and thereby reduce effect of Levitra.
  • Drugs. There are several drugs that may interact with Levitra’s key substance in one way or another. For example, antibiotics clarithromycin and erythromycin may affect Levitra’s working period. Carefully check the leaflet and consult your health care provider to know more about interactions (this is mandatory if you are taking some potent medications and/or suffer from serious diseases, and anyway even healthy person should consult a doctor).
  • Psychological condition. Feeling depressed or anxious may affect your body reaction to sexual stimulation (and you might thing that there is something wrong with Levitra).
  • Overall health. Some diseases may decrease effectiveness and durability of the remedy. This concerns multiple sclerosis and atherosclerosis. Others, vice versa, may boost its effect, for instance, several kidney diseases might make vardenafil las longer, because they affect metabolizing processes.

In rare cases, extended effect duration is possible, this was reported by scientists in European Urology article (2006) which described duration of vardenafil efficacy of when taken 8 hours before sex.

According to some studies, it’s half-life is 4.7 hours in average, however, according to a Iñigo Sáenz de Tejada, reported data provide information on the efficiency of Levitra up to 10 hours after intake. This may be explained by the fact that vardenafil is ‘sequestered’ in target cells, as a result, tests might show low plasma levels (while medicine continues to work).

how to take vardenafil properly

How to Speed Up the Onset of Effect?

There are some useful tips that help you if you need to get the effect as fast as possible:

  • Take Levitra on an empty stomach. This will accelerate absorption of vardenafil.
  • If you cannot take the medication on an empty stomach, then at least don’t eat food with rich fat content. Prefer light meals.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks, marijuana, and illicit drugs (narcotics).

It is important: don’t take another tablet if the first one doesn’t work. This will only increase the risk of side effects.

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