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Bad erection is not only a male problem. Many women do not know how to behave when their beloved men have sexual difficulties. Sometimes erectile dysfunction (ED) becomes the cause of family quarrels and even divorces. But this problem should scare neither ladies nor men. There are several reliable ways to turn on a man with ED or low testosterone.

Sexual Life with ED or Low Testosterone

Erectile dysfunction is a deterioration in the male’s ability to get an erection. There are many possible causes of this disorder: low testosterone levels, bad habits, diabetes, and other diseases. The erection may be weakened or be absent at all, depending on the source of the problem. These factors determine the characteristics of the sex life of a man and his partner.

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ED makes sex less lasting and lower-grade. Sometimes traditional intercourse becomes impossible. But if a man gets enough motivation from a woman, then the couple has a chance to improve their sex life. Even the most severe cases of ED are not the stop line for sexual activity.

Tips to Turn on a Man with ED

Erection problems shouldn’t put a crimp into a happy family life and love. The most obvious solution to the problem is taking special drugs that improve male sexual performance. But the pills work only when there is enough arousal. Here are 4 tips to change your attitude towards ED and bring the colors back to your sexual relationship.

1. Constant dialogue. A woman should let man know that she understands his problem. If a man feels that his partner is not worried about the quality of sex, but the state of his health, he will be able to get rid of a permanent depression. Erection has deep psychological roots. A positive attitude of both partners can relieve tension and give a chance to feel the joy of intimacy.

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2. Searching for alternatives. Partners must expand the boundaries of their sexuality. Sex can take many forms. A weak erection interferes with the classic penetration. However, this does not mean that the man is not aroused and does not want to please the woman.

You can use special toys or practice mutual oral sex. Sometimes you need to give free rein to your imagination. Alternatives are easy to find if you stick to rule No 1.

3. Be close during treatment. A woman should go through all the stages of ED treatment with a man. He needs to feel constant support from his partner. This gives the man psychological confidence in his abilities and the ability to achieve sexual arousal during intimacy.

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4. Calmness. ED often develops after 50 years of age. Many women mistakenly assess a man’s poor erection as a loss of interest. Women are not getting younger too. Some of them worry that their partner has found someone at a juicy age. This approach makes it difficult to rationally assess the causes of erectile dysfunction. A woman should get rid of baseless worries. This will allow the man to feel understanding from his partner. These tips will help you build relationships. They will not return an erection, but they can make medication more effective. An erection is only a penultimate stage of arousal (before orgasm). Pills solve problems only on this stage. All other stages of arousal depend only on partners.

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