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Erectile dysfunction is a sexual malfunction that affects not only a man but also his partner. Unfortunately, a fairly large percentage of men suffer from ED of various etiologies, so women (and not only) are often interested in how to turn on a man with erectile dysfunction. We have selected several methods and tips that can be helpful for you.

Key Tips for Turning on a Male Suffering from ED

  • Try ED-Friendly Sex Positions. Poses that are not intricate and do not heavily load the muscles will help a man’s penis get the maximum amount of blood, which will positively affect the erection.
  • Experiment in bed. You can try role-playing games, sex toys, etc. Variety will positively affect a man’s sex drive and maybe he will get a harder erection.
  • Be positive and affectionate. If you start to criticize a man and put pressure on him, he is unlikely to get a satisfactory erection. You need to understand that he has a disease and you need to find a solution together, so you should be understanding and gentle (unless your man likes female domination).

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Other Tips

  • Do not extrapolate the problem to yourself. Many women might think that their partner’s erectile dysfunction is related to the fact that they (women) seem sexually unattractive to a man. Such a scenario is possible, but if it is known that a man has erectile dysfunction, you do not need to worry and perceive everything at your own expense. This is an organic pathology and a man cannot do anything about it even if you were Pamela Anderson.
  • Examine the problem fundamentally. You can read all the important information about ED to find out more about the essence and treatment of the problem and also give the man advise on medications that he can start taking after consulting with a doctor.
  • Go to the doctor together. This way your man will feel your supportiveness and readiness for help in any awkward situation. By the way, group therapy can also help.
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Sexologists and psychologists believe that if you are dating a man with erectile dysfunction who perceives with hostility any words about this and does not want to work together to resolve the problem, then you should probably brake up, because this is evidence of not only incompatibility in sex, but also the incompatibility of you as a couple. This is the best way out if, when thinking about the person, you basically do not feel anything other than irritation and anger.

If you are a loving couple, you will overcome any problem. Moreover, in most cases erectile dysfunction is treatable and sometimes even curable. It is also important to consult a doctor on time to conduct a complete diagnosis. This should be done for two main reasons, firstly, erectile dysfunction can be an early predictor of cardiovascular diseases, and secondly, it can be aggravated, and the more severe the disease, the harder it is to treat. Also, keep in mind that there are plenty of medications on the market for the effective symptomatic treatment of male impotence. We are referring primarily to Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

And again, look at things positively, ED can be a serious illness, but you should not despair because of it, especially considering the abundance of currently existing treatment methods.

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