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Men after a divorce engage in erratic sexual relations and have sex with anyone. It sounds defiant, but it’s just a stereotype, in fact, many of them may encounter a sudden erection disorder. This is not uncommon for recently divorced men, although it would seem that sexual desire in relation to a new sexual partner should be higher. Why can this happen and how to deal with the problem?

Common Causes of Possible Disorders after Tearing Marriage Ties

It happens that after the end of the marriage, ex-husbands experience problems with sexual desire due to turmoil and worries. Then the situation normalizes. There are several factors that can cause serious ED against the background of this unpleasant event.

  1. Stress. A key cause of problems with getting the penis hard in bed is stress, both psycho-emotional and physical. It leads to depletion of the body, as well as an increase in blood pressure, which adversely affects potency.
  2. Depression. This psychological disorder is especially characteristic of men who were against parting, were forced to take this step because of their wives’ unfaithfulness, or suffer from the inability to see their children every day. Negative depressive thoughts absorb consciousness, respectively, a man is no longer up to sex.
  3. Anxiety performance. If a man is already used to one regular partner, he may develop a fear of not being able to get an erection with a new woman. constant getting oneself in a state and inability to relax leads to erectile dysfunction at the most intimate moment.
  4. Change in habits. If a couple rarely has sex, a man can start watching pornographic videos and masturbating to satisfy his sex drive. This leads to some change in the sensitivity of the penis, the mechanisms of triggering an erection and maintaining it during intercourse.

If divorce occurs in advancing age, for example, after reaching the age of fifty, erectile dysfunction may develop or worsen due to age-related deterioration in a patient’s general health. The list of the most common organic causes of male sexual weakness includes diabetes, cardiovascular disease, decreased levels of testosterone (the “king” of male hormones), neurological disorders, etc.

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Disorder Treatment Methods

If erectile dysfunction is psychogenic in nature, this means that you can get rid of it without pharmacological support. The method depends on the cause that triggered the development of impotence.

  • Stress-induced erectile dysfunction can be cured after throwing offstress with the help of special stress-management techniques, yoga, etc.
  • Depressive disorder sometimes absorbs a person so much that he cannot do without a psychotherapist’s help, but in mild cases he can simply change the situation – go abroad, hang out with friends, etc. Life does not end after a breakup.
  • If the level of erection during the intercourse has decreased due to masturbation, just drop this thing for a week or two and the natural mechanisms should return to normal.

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If you are experiencing serious psychological difficulties, immediately seek professional counseling while the problem is fresh and can be quickly cut down. But time can also become an assistant, because the old problems will be forgotten and new life ups and downs and experiences will fill the mind. Erectile dysfunction of this kind usually goes away quickly. If everything is OK, do not stop there, you must consider the intake of vitamins and minerals designed for enhancing male strength. A healthy and balanced diet and proper physical activity will contribute to a very strong erection.

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Fighting Organic Erectile Dysfunction

If you do not feel any mental anxiety, excitement, etc., but a normal erection is simply unattainable, this most likely means the presence of physiological erectile dysfunction. In such cases, you cannot do without consulting a doctor and his prescribing effective medications. There is a series of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors that are used orally and quickly bring the desired effect. They do not affect the level of hormones, but simply improve the flow of blood to the penis so that a man can achieve a normal erection.

Viagra is the most famous sexual enhancer, Levitra and Cialis are slightly less popular but have important advantages. So, Levitra works better in patients with diabetes, while Cialis has a mega long period of action – fantastic 36 hours. If you want to try non-standard versions of treatment, you can choose drugs in the form of a gel, soluble tablets, etc. Buying any of these drugs online is discrete and comfortable, you do not need to go to the pharmacy, wait for the end of the line and be at risk of being seen by others.

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