When a man is almost cornered with a sexual problem such as erectile dysfunction (ED), he is ready to use any means. Impotence occurs for a number of reasons and is accompanied by a lack of persistent erection and a corresponding climax in the form of ejaculation. There are many drugs and methods for ‘adjusting’ the path from erection to ejaculation, which often cannot even begin. However, the informational space is flooded with myths and fake cures for ED.

Urine Therapy and Change of Partners Against ED

Potency disorder existed long before the development of science and pharmacology. Despite modern and proven remedies, ancient and dubious healing methods are still common in the 21st century. Among them, urinotherapy using urine of pregnant women only–a completely wild approach, but is still under pseudoscientific discussion. Conspiracies, decoctions, and magical rites ‘deservedly’ compete with it.

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A large block of misconceptions in improving erection refers to the exclusion of prerequisites (alleged underlying factors). For example, there is an opinion that excessive masturbation and frequent watching adult films can lead to impotence. If one avoid such weaknesses, intimate embarrassment will supposedly go away. These strange methods also include abstinence or sex with one partner. Particularly cunning ‘sufferers’ explain their diversity of sexual relations due to necessity of overcoming erectile dysfunction.

Fake Natural Methods: Herbal Medicine and Monkfish Liver

Ineffective ways to get rid of impotence include drugs that mistakenly refer to the concept of medication treatment. Such remedies are offered in the form of ointments, sprays and in tablet form. Some of them are advertised by actors from the adult film industry as the only method for solving problems with blood circulation in the penis. The composition of these “panacea” methods includes plant components:

  • seeds of pumpkin, amaranth and other fruits;
  • roots of ginseng, Chinese yams and a mysterious red plant;
  • Northern or Irish moss;
  • leaves or flowers of Epimedium, sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia), etc.

In addition, substances of animal origin–musk of beaver, antlers of deer, and even liver of monkfish–became very widespread, partly due to influence of Chinese folk medicine. Thousands of pseudoscientists have volumes of evidence in the effectiveness of plant and animal extracts. However, official medicine does not confirm the results of such treatment.

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Do Natural Alternatives to Viagra Really Work?

Evidence Based Medicine in Action

Among these medications and supplements, there are those containing ineffective active ingredients. These include drugs based on antibodies to endothelial NO synthase. They can have a temporary effect, but can be addictive or have unpleasant side effects. Their use is often correlated with the individual characteristics of the body. These pharmaceutical products are used in some countries in Europe and, for obvious reasons, are not approved in the United States (at least as medicines).

The pharmacological group called PDE5 inhibitors has a significant role in treating ED. The most known one is sildenafil. This substance is part of several manufactured drugs under different names. The most common of these is Viagra. It should be borne in mind that taking really working tablets should be strictly according to the instructions in order to avoid negative consequences on general health.

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The protocols for the effective treatment of ED also feature injections of alprostadil and pure testosterone. Alprostadil (Caverject trade name) is injected into the genital organ and has a local effect on the vessels. When it comes to testosterone, the doctor may prescribe a single injection of male hormone with a repeat of up to several times a year. There is also an external application option for absorption through the skin from the abdomen. Testosterone therapy may be helpful for ED when this sexual disorder is associated with T hormone deficiency.When choosing a really helpful remedy against ED, you should consult a doctor or use only proven medications. Specialists do not allow the use of herbal medicine and homeopathy in solving erectile dysfunction. Also, do not experiment with dubious, and sometimes dangerous remedies based on people’s advice.

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