Generic Levitra

Canadian Levitra is bioequivalent (active ingredient: Vardenafil) to brand Levitra and it’s generic version. Generic Levitra is intended for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction (impotence).

By ordering Levitra, you will feel again what it means to have a stable erection for a long time.

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Dosage: 20mg
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Here you can order Canadian Levitra at a reasonable price and with delivery across the United States and Canada.
Delivery takes no more than 24 hours, sometimes shipping takes 2 to 7 days.

What is Generic Levitra?

Levitra is an ED medication which is originally produced by Bayer, a German pharmaceutical behemoth. In this case, customers often pay just for brand.

Fortunately, generics are available on the market. They contain a fully identical main active component but feature lower prices. This is associated with the fact that generic drug-makers bear fewer expenses on medications’ release, unlike original producers which spend a lot of money on research & development activity, tests, licenses, approvals, and advertisements. Due to this, the generic Levitra pills are sold much cheaper. If you choose a reliable supplier online, the quality remains the same.

How to Take the Medication?

The preparation should be taken 25 to 60 mins before a planned sexual intercourse. Take one pill and swallow it washing down with water, without chewing. Some chemist’s shops may offer chewable (masticable) and orodispersible versions, however, they are quite infrequent. Ordinary film-coated tablet is a proven option which has stood the test of time.

Like canadian Viagra, generic Levitra provides the desired effect up to 4 to 6 hours. The length of time during which the medication stays in your body may be important for you if you take other drugs.

Please thoroughly read “Interactions” section in your leaflet to avoid dangerous interplay between two (or more) meds.

The most important thing: you shouldn’t take the pill in combination with nitrates, namely glyceryl trinitrate (GTN), isosorbide dinitrate, and isosorbide trinitrate.

Advantages of Canadian Levitra

The medication has improved properties in terms of treating erectile dysfunction in males suffering from diabetes mellitus. According to the 2004 study by Dr. Alan Garber and his team (at Baylor College of Medicine) Levitra proved satisfactory efficiency for males with diabetes who hadn’t received the needed effect from Viagra (sildenafil).

Therefore, Canadian Levitra may be a preferable choice for diabetic patients with concomitant erectile dysfunction. Patients with diabetes were able to have sex in 1/3 attempts with vardenafil, compared with about 6% success rate before this treatment.

In addition, according to the research by Zamorano-León JJ, Olivier C, de Las Heras N (Hospital Clínico San Carlos, Madrid, 2013), vardenafil markedly improved erectile functionality in controlled class 2 diabetes mellitus persons having ED.

You can easily buy Generic Levitra online, without providing a prescription. Nowadays the markedly pharmaceutical industry (the so-called My Canadian Pharmacy) tends to cancel prescriptions on PDE5 inhibitors, as they have proven their safety for health.

However, if you suffer from severe cardiovascular, hepatic, or renal diseases, you need to consult a healthcare professional before starting the anti-ED treatment.

Generic Levitra 20mgLevitra Dosages – Key Guidelines

All traditionally available dosages:

  • 10 mg vardenafil;
  • 20 mg vardenafil;
  • 40 mg vardenafil;
  • 60 mg vardenafil.

Levitra 20 mg is the most popular option among males. It shows good effectiveness in most of them (unlike a 10-mg version and even a 5-mg one, which is rarely available in some drugstores/jurisdictions). However, it is often recommended to start the therapy with a 10-milligram dosage. In this case, if you have a 20-milligram one, you can divide it into two counterparts in order to test sensitivity and tolerability of your body to the active agent of the medical remedy.

In many Canada-based pharmacies, including ours, you can purchase an enhanced dosage of the pharmaceutical product – Canadian Levitra 40 mg.

  • A good drug, I do not know, maybe this is a self-suggestion, but even on the 2nd day after taking it, I felt a surge of strength. My wife is pleased. Side-effect free.

  • I felt the amazing action of Levitra! I had mild erectile dysfunction. A dose of 20 mg was probably more than I needed; the effect lasted up to 10 hours. Anyway, I am satisfied.

  • Took 40 mg. It did work and sex was awesome. I personally recommend this medication. Took 30-60 min before intercourse.

  • Now I buy them all the time. Found them through trial and error. An erection occurs quickly and is very stable. Headaches don’t occur, BP does not increase.

  • The main advantage of this drug: it works well. There is also a drawback, sometimes I feel side effects in my stomach.

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    Thanks a lot! Your pharmacy supplied me with a miracle drug which helped me to quickly cope with ED. It showed better effect than Viagra and Cialis.

  • Levitra from CANADA is a blast! Use of this medication eliminated my erectile dysfunction caused by some cardiovascular problems. Many thanks for this product.

  • Liam (Portland)

    It works so well. It grants a good erection – like it was in my 20s – but I’m 55 now. I use it occasionally.

  • Boris, Calgary

    Taking Levitra pills has greatly benefited relationships with my wife. I take a moderate 50mg dosage when hoping to have intimacy. Minor side effects sometimes occur, but this isn’t a problem.

  • I am suffering from both diabetes and erectile dysfunction. As my doctor told me, diabetes lead to problems with erection. I’ve tried a bunch of ED pills, but nothing worked good for me. Happily, once I bought Generic Levitra pills and lo and behold, my wish was granted. Levitra works almost always for me. The only drawback is light headache (transient).

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