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  • I am 55 and my erections are sometimes fading. Been using Levitra. Tried sildenafil generic last month. Wow. Much better effect. No complaints.

  • I use this miraculous drug occasionally as I have sex not too often. But I have great sex despite my health problems, Viagra generic makes me rock solid. About 30 mins are needed to kick in. I’ve found 50 mg is plenty for me, however, my friend prefers 100 milligrams.

  • Have erectile dysfunction induced by diabetes. Sildenafil tablets help me be ready quickly after taking the pill. Generally, I’m satisfied, it works well. The only thing which may disappoint me is a headache which occurs sometimes. But I cannot say whether it is caused by the medication.

  • Generic Viagra is awesome drug! Fast onset of action, great effectiveness, not to mention affordable price… Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that branded version is bad product, but just compare prices. I can assure that you’ll get the same effect.

  • Ethan, New York
    Ethan, New York
    Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

    I used generic viagra (sildenafil) several times when having sex with my girlfriend. This stuff enhanced erection and made me last longer in bed (but as far as I know it is intended only for treatment of erectile problems). My buddies who used it reported pretty the same. Highly recommend.

  • Phil
    Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

    Great company. VERY HONEST. Good results with Generic Viagra type.

  • Shwe Zin Ko
    Shwe Zin Ko
    Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

    Hi everyone, I would strongly recommend this site which is useful for me to find Canadian Viagra for my men. Convenient delivery always reach my place wherever I am. I enjoy. Thanks,

  • Elliot Blaize
    Elliot Blaize
    Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

    I ordered the Viagra “three pack” to test the more exotic sounding versions. I was very disappointed! The Viagra Professional and the Viagra plus in the capsules did not work for me at all! The generic Viagra worked OK if I would eat no fatty foods immediately before and after taking the tablet. The “generic” Viagra is the only thing that would work for me at all.

  • Eric
    Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

    So glad that Canadian Health and Care Mall is accepting Visa again! There is no other company that I trust to provide my generic Viagra. Shipping was even faster this time...from the time I placed my order to my door was exactly 7 days. Thank you Canadian Health Care Mall!

  • Dennis
    Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

    Have used this site for over 5 years and Viagra and Cialis both work only problem is with using visa having to find a new site.

  • Mikey
    Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

    I just placed my fourth order. Viagra 100 mg. I cut in quarters…. plenty to make me hard for 6 hours. All orders have been problem free and quick. The only issue I have had is having my Credit Union call to make sure my card was not compromised.

  • Dave
    Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

    Ordered 10 viagra + 6 free cialis on 8/14 via free shipping. Order arrived on 9/3 containing 12 of each. Pills worked perfectly. I would recommend my canadian pharmacy to everyone.

  • Zachary
    Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

    I’ve been on Viagra for several years. It helps me to get hard flawlessly. The only disadvantage is a high price for original medicines. I discovered generics which are sold in online pharmacies, and I am satisfied with their cost and quality.

  • Todd
    Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

    I have to agree with most of the other reviewers–this site is excellent. Ive purchased Viagra for years here in the states, and my script co-pays went from $5 to $15 to $35 to now I have no insurance. Wayyyy too expensive to pay for out of my own pocket…$130 for 6 tablets! HA! These pills are just as good….bite off 1/4 and a half hour later youre good to go. Next morning too, usually…) Ive ordered twice now and been very pleased. I just give them my checking account # for the electronic check. Works ok for me–that account is from where I pay bills, so there isnt much in there that doesnt get “applied” right away anyway. The charge posts very quickly on my account, and the product ships quick.

  • Anonymous
    Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

    I am in my mid 50s and haven’t been able to achieve sufficient erection for sex. My doc advised me to take 100mg Viagra 30-60 minutes before sexual intercourse. This works! The only adverse event is face flushing, but it isn’t severe.

  • Sam
    Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

    Excellent service, excellent product. Ive found the upgraded shipping isnt worth the extra cost because it seems like it gets stuck sitting in customs longer. for example one EMS package took 20 days and the free shipping took 8… Also the chewable viagra I think is just the normal product without a coating… tastes terrible. but dang, the ladies love the effect… and im saving tons of money going generic, which perfect results.

  • Brian
    Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

    I have just placed my 2nd order with CanadianHealthcareMall. The 1st order lasted nearly 2 years! Their product has an excellent shelf life. The only thing I would caution against is using 100mg Viagra in one dose. That is a powerful dose and can cause you to literally see blue! The Super-Active Viagra really does kick in in only about 10 minutes. I just wish they were made in 50mg doses. And they always send you more than you ordered! How can you beat that?

  • Lucas
    Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

    I’m 44. Have mild ED. The experience was satisfying, no side effects. Highly recommend.

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