Tips for Daily Management of Erectile Dysfunction (ED): What To Know

ed daily management

Male impotence in the form of a lack of persistent erection is one of the most delicate problem in the life of males. The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction (ED) is established with persistent and periodic signs of inability to have normal sexual intercourse. If such cases become a regularity, then this is a signal to start treatment.

Background to the Treatment of ED

To understand whether the manifestation of impotence is precisely a disease, it is necessary to analyze the systematics and causes. Doctors are sure that even with 2-3 failures it is necessary to seriously think about the methods of solution. The main causes of a weak erection or its complete absence, as well as deteriorations of the ejaculation process, are:

  • physiological or organic causes which are are associated with changes in the body both against the background of other diseases, and local, structural malfunctions of the penis
  • psychogenic causes which arise due to nervous disorders, stress, prolonged depression, sleep disturbances and psychological trauma
  • mixed causes, it’s when two factors mentioned above coexist; for instance, when psychological signs are expressed on the basis of physiological impotence
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Regardless of underlying causative factor, ED is subject to treatment. However, the approach should be chosen only after a deep study of causes. It will be a misconception to avoid the problem, as scientists have proven that a complete rejection of sexual intimacy due to ED pulls the situation towards irreversibility.

Healthy Lifestyle Against ED--Daily Restructuring

Like any disease, ED requires attention every day and often changes in habits. You need to carefully look at the daily routine, diet and the presence of harmful addictions. There are several points of everyday life that directly affect the potency of a man.


In addition to the known consequences in the form of obesity and vascular diseases, excessive consumption of fats and carbohydrates leads to a decrease in male functions. Penis has the same vessels as in other organs. Therefore, increased cholesterol or sugar leads to a deterioration of the proper blood circulation of the organ.

sports and erectile dysfunction


Stable and moderate physical exertion, especially regular one--daily in mild form or intensive training several times--maintain the tone of all muscles. The main thing is to maintain balance and not to overdo it in training. A sharp release of energy can also weaken the expected erection.

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Alcohol and Smoking

No matter how hard men with bad habits try to challenge the fact of these habits’ influence on intimate victories, there are proven studies. From a physiological point of view, alcohol and tobacco smoke block the conductivity of nerve impulses and adversely affect blood vessels’ condition. They also weaken the work of hormones needed during the intimacy, namely serotonin and dopamine.

Other equally important lifestyle changes in the fight against the disease include: fight against stresses, a balance of sleep, rest and work, and a review of medications which are currently taken (some of them may be associated with ED). In the case of a chronic disease, you need to contact your doctor and describe the problem with ED.

Medication Therapy for Stability in Sexual Life

The result of measures to change everyday life cannot provide immediate results. Medicines for the treatment of ED will speed up achievement of success. There are options with different active ingredients. The popular sildenafil-based Viagra is taken on demand and is not always convenient to use when personal events develop spontaneously. In addition to it, there are herbal remedies that do not have a scientifically proven strong effect.

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When a man realizes his problem and does not want to face an awkward situation at the crucial moment, he resorts to taking daily maintenance medications. One vivid example is the tadalafil, which is sold under the name Cialis. The special form with reduced dosages called Cialis daily is designed specifically for systematic and round-the-clock work.

The positive side of tadalafil is the maintenance of a safe level of the active substance in the tissues of the penis. The medication is in permanent ‘sleep mode’ there and begins to act on muscles only in the presence of sexual arousal. In the absence of prerequisites for sex, Cialis daily does not work. This certainly helps a man lead a normal life, taking only 1 tablet per day. He may not worry worried about his sexual readiness. When it comes to healthy lifestyle, it is important to understand that sexual intimacy is an integral part of it. In case of ED, it is necessary to make adjustments: stay away from harmful products, reduce or completely abandon alcohol, and avoid physical inactivity. Once the new and correct regimen is tuned, medications for daily or on-demand use will help maintain male dignity.

*Consulting with a licensed healthcare professional in your own country is always recommended before considering purchasing medications online.