Ejaculation Delay and Levitra

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) can sometimes coexist with premature ejaculation (PE). This means that a man has poor erection and, moreover, finishes prematurely. Such a coexistence is not rare, unfortunately. A study by Taiwanese scientists W-K. Tsai ant others (The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2019), confirmed a high prevalence of premature ejaculation and poor erection coexistence, indicating a complicated relationship between the two sexual disorders and the importance of screening for their cooccurrence in medical practice. This is a frustrating mixed condition that definitely needs treatment.

There are special medications available to combat premature ejaculation, such as dapoxetine (Priligy / Vriligy).

Drugs used to treat Premature Ejaculation

Ejaculation Delay and Levitra



Ejaculation Delay and Levitra



Ejaculation Delay and Levitra

Viagra + Dapoxetine


Ejaculation Delay and Levitra

Cialis + Dapoxetine


Ejaculation Delay and Levitra

Levitra + Dapoxetine


However, there is evidence that some PDE5 inhibitors (meds used to treat ED) may also be helpful in treating the symptoms of early ejaculation.

Can Levitra Change the Refractory Period?

The refractory period (from Latin 'refractio') is the period of time during which the nervous and / or muscle tissue is in a state of complete non-excitability, and in the subsequent phase in a state of reduced excitability. In context of the article, the refractory period is the period of sexual non-excitability in men, which occurs after ejaculation. Some males reported in their reviews that they observed that the refractory period was reduced after Levitra intake. According to some testimonials, intake of the sexual enhancer led to their increase by about two times. As for the desire with a degree of arousal, they remained the same.

Also, patients wrote that they experienced longer and more pleasant orgasms.

can levitra treat premature ejaculation

Levitra and Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is an extremely common sexual disorder (perhaps even more common than erectile dysfunction). Thus, according to a study by Asian scientists J. Cilangruz et al. (Prostate International, 2015), among the males consulted with LUTS (lower urinary tract symptoms), 27% also had concomitant fast ejaculation. As stated by American researchers C. Carson and K. Gunn (International Journal of Impotence Research, 2006), worldwide prevalence of PE is approximately 30%.

With this disorder, an ejaculation occurs earlier than a man would like.

For example, sometimes this happens even after several frictional movements.

Of course, erection stops immediately after ejaculation. However, if a man can re-arouse, then the next erection will last longer. As a rule, the second sexual intercourse is longer. In addition, there are some reports indicating that Levitra may cause one to last longer, but in general, available informational database is not sufficient to claim that with complete certainty. Naturally, the main effect of the medication is boosting of an erection; it functions by inhibiting isoenzyme PDE5 which interferes with natural erection processes.

The Bottom Line

Levitra helps to maintain an erection, but it can do little if a man cums too fast. It should be noted that erection and ejaculation are different phenomena.

However, due to the reduction of the refractory period, Levitra is able to help many men who suffer from premature ejaculation.

Some patients suffer from PE and are not able to achieve an erection twice in one night--the issue is that the refractory period is too long.

But Levitra allows them to slightly reduce the time between intercourse, which allows them achieve a second erection (within timeframe of its work, which is about 4-5 hours), which, as we’ve already noted, lasts longer.

*Consulting with a licensed healthcare professional in your own country is always recommended before considering purchasing medications online.