If you are taking any medication, you should know that it is potentially capable of interacting with other substances that may be found in food, medicine, alcohol, etc. We decided to prepare important material regarding the safety of combining levitra with various products.

Levitra and Food

If you use Viagra, it is not recommended to take the drug with alcohol and after having a heavy meal, it is known that very fatty food prolongs the onset of the desired effect, and the ethyl alcohol contained in alcoholic beverages increases the risk of side effects. However, in the case of Levitra, reportedly, no serious troubles should be associated with food.

levitra and food

Despite this, there are general warnings regarding the combination of many medicines with grapefruit.

So, it is not recommended to drink fresh grapefruit juice, as this can change the rate of Levitra absorption. This also applies to the consumption of fruit and smoothies. There are no clear data regarding processed products such canned juice and jam, but it is better to play it safe and also avoid them. Grapefruit contains substances called furanocoumarins, acting on the metabolizing enzyme cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP3A4). This enzyme is localized mainly in the intestines and liver and it is responsible for removing various toxic substances and active ingredients of the drug from the body. If this enzyme is not affected, a normal (prescribed by the manufacturer) amount of the active ingredient enters the body. But if it is weakened, the blood receives a large concentration of a substance, in this case vardenafil. This can lead to an unpredictable, potentially dangerous increase of vardenafil in blood.

Levitra and Alcohol – Detailed Explanations

Alcoholic drinks are allowed, but avoid their excessive consumption. Depending on your weight and susceptibility to alcohol, you can drink 2-4 glasses of beer, a similar amount of wine, or a couple of glasses of a stronger drink. If you overdo it, you will get an increased likelihood of developing negative effects.

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levitra and alcohol

The Role of Alcohol in Erectile Dysfunction

Regardless of whether you take the pill for ED, chronic or rare but excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can negatively affect the state of your sexual function. Alcohol abuse, according to statistics, is one of the key reasons for the development of erectile dysfunction. Therefore, by using increased amounts of alcohol, you can actually level the effect of Levitra and muddle the money spent on treatment. Be prudent and try to understand that health is more important than alcohol-powered party.


Levitra might interact with some medicines, including alpha-blockers, antihypertensives, and potent CYP3A4 inhibitors. Concomitant use of this medication with nitrate-containing drugs like Nitrodur is strictly and unconditionally prohibited. Consult a doctor if you use any prescription (RX) medication.

levitra drug interactions

Other Interactions

It is generally considered safe to combine drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction with various nutritional supplements such as vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and others. But in any case, if you are taking any kind of dietary supplement and are planning to start Levitra therapy, tell your doctor about the products you are currently taking. Some of them can still interact with Levitra, especially with regard to St. John’s wort based products.

Tell your healthcare provider if you are a smoker. The harmful effects of tobacco also spread to the reproductive system and can be both the cause of erectile dysfunction and its aggravation. Therefore, tobacco can weaken the effectiveness of your medication.In conclusion, we would like to focus on the importance of a healthy lifestyle, since this is the essential for successful treatment and even complete elimination of erectile dysfunction (in the absence of inevitable changes). Go in for sports, keep to a balanced diet and be healthy!

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