Late autumn, winter and spring are seasons when the risk of respiratory diseases increase considerably.

What symptoms may you observe?

The main symptoms are temperature increase, sore throat, running nose and cough. But what actions should you apply in case of sore throat? Why do we ask such a question? The answer is simple because sore throat may be a symptom either respiratory disease or quinsy. Besides these two disorders should be treated differently because respiratory disorders are caused by viruses but quinsy – bacterial infection. Of course the treatment should be worked out by well-experienced specialist. But after the examination you may check out Canadian Health Care Mall website and find the necessary preparations for treatment that or this disorder.

But sometimes people prefer self-medicating instead of attending the doctor that’s why you should know how to distinguish between respiratory disorders and quinsy. There are some symptoms including the main distinctive features such as if throat is covered with red and white spots, tonsils bloat it means you have a deal with quinsy. Cough and running nose are the symptoms of acute respiratory viral infection. The inflammation of lymph nodes is also one of the symptom of quinsy because they increase when bacteria enter the organism. More information about Tonsillectomy here:


About anti-viral medications

Depending on the provocative agent the anti-viral medications, such as antibiotics, should be taken but they should be prescribed by a doctor. After receiving a prescription list you may order preparations via Canadian Health Care Mall, the Internet drug store shipping drugs internationally. Especially in case of antibiotics it should should be recommended by the doctor, self-medication should be excluded. If you take antibiotics unbridled firstly you may damage intestinal microflora and secondly such on intake may cause addiction to them. It means that the following intake of such reparations will be ineffective. But quinsy should be treated in time because prolonging, advanced stage of quinsy may lead to the cardiovascular system disorders.

If you understand you suffer from respiratory disorders you may apply such folk medicines together with anti-viral medications. For sore throat elimination it is better to wash down throat with brew containing calendula, camomile and brew with salt water. Moreover you should drink liquid as much as possible for example warm cranberry fruit-drink especially in case of high body temperature. But fruit-drink should be warm but not hot, it concerns also nutrition as well. It is better not to take hot substances because it may damage one more time already sore throat.

As a rule in one week pain in throat should go away. If pain lasts more time it means that there appears worsening and it is better to consult the doctor one more time. Nowadays medicine let us treat different diseases that’s why it is silly to ignore symptoms of even respiratory disorders which do not attract enough of our attention.

quinsyQuinsy, also known as a peritonsillar abscess, is a rare and potentially serious complication of tonsillitis. The abscess (a collection of pus) forms between one of your tonsils and the wall of your throat. This can happen when a bacterial?infection spreads from an infected tonsil to the surrounding area.

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Dr. Douglas Goldberg, MD is a Cardiology Specialist in Mineola, NY. He is affiliated with medical facilities Nyu Winthrop Hospital and Mercy Medical Center.