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The deep defect of gastric mucosa which is formed as a result of the inflammatory process caused by the damaging factor is called a stomach ulcer. The disease at which in a stomach the ulcer is formed, is called as gastric ulcer. 10% of the population suffer from this disease and men several times often than women do. The main symptom of stomach ulcer is severe pain in epigastric region. The hunger pains arising in some hours after meal are peculiar to stomach ulcer, and is frequent also at night. Pain silences after meal or the anti acid preparations intake. Such preparations may be ordered via a web drugstore Canadian Health Care mall. You will be attracted by various number of drugs as well as by its prices.

epigastric pain location

The dyspeptic phenomena indicating digestion system disorder belong to other symptoms of stomach ulcer: epigastric burning, eructation, nausea, sometimes the vomiting sour gastric contents arising at severe pain and giving some relief in this connection, sometimes patients with stomach ulcer cause vomiting during a painful attack. The person having stomach ulcer loses weight, its skin cover looks pale, appetite and a vitality decrease.

One of the most important moments of stomach ulcer treatment is dietary intervention and dietary pattern. It serves also as the main preventive measure directed on the prevention of recurrence. The diet at stomach ulcer has to be balanced, containing enough nutrients, thus the products irritating a stomach mucous membrane should be excluded (alcohol, coffee, strong tea, hot spices, smoking, a pickles, etc.). The food should be heat-treated (bratting, melting, roasting or steaming, frying in oil is excluded) and the ground look. Food has to be fractional, small portions of 4-5 times a day, in certain time. The diet at stomach ulcer has to become a way of life if not for the rest of life, for some years even after achievement of remission though during this period its some mitigation, otherwise repeated development of stomach ulcer because there is a predisposition to it and possibility of repeated infection with a helikobakter pilori is admissible. The doctors prescribe not only diet but drugs as well, as it was mentioned above you may order drugs via Canadian Health Care mall and it will be the right choice. The parcel will be delivered in time due to the worked out delivery system.

helicobacter pylori

Surgical treatment of stomach ulcer is applied at the persistent, not giving in to therapy ulcers, and also at high risk of complications development (perforation of a stomach wall, bleeding). In this case the stomach site containing ulcer defect is excised, drug treatment of stomach ulcer, for prevention of disease recurrence is in also appointed. In the rehabilitation period treatment of stomach ulcer is carried out by means of physical therapy, and also balneological methods. Conduction the all-strengthening procedures, way of living change on more healthy and refusal of addictions (smoking, alcohol intake, the use of fast food and other unhealthy food) is extremely recommended.


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