Erectile Dysfunction in Infographics

What do we need to know about erectile dysfunction?

The majority of people have heard a lot about it but do not have a pretty good idea of the common five facts about this disorder.

We will take into consideration the USA as telling and statistical example.

Facts about Erectile Dysfunction


The first fact includes the statistical data. This data shows that sixteen million of Americans have taken impotence pills like Generic Viagra.

They want to prolong the erectional ability as any cost as much as possible.

The second fact lies in the idea that seventy per cent of Americans suffering from this disorder have such diseases as kidney failure or some other severe kidney diseases.

All organs in our body are closely connected with each other and drugs they take may influence this function as well.

The third fact underlines that smoking habit increases the risk of erectile dysfunction appearance by almost fifty per cent.

As we realize more than half of men population worldwide smoke from young ages misunderstanding the connection and correlation of these two events.

I won’t be surprised that from sixteen millions of Americans a half or even more smoke.
Think about it properly at leisure.

The next fact tells is about the man’s shyness and discomfort because only thirty three per cent of men find the nerve to ask for help and because of this twenty per cent of families’ breakdown occurs.

As you understand I combine the last two facts due to cause-and-effect relationship.

Millions of Men taking VIAGRA
% of ED caused by Kidney Condition
% of Men who smoke are about twice as likely to develop ED
% of Men advice about their problems

top 5 states with ed problems

The scientists are so obsessed with this disorder observations that they have conducted the research and cleared out that in the USA there are states with the lowest and highest per cent of people suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Moreover they do not take medical information cards. They just compare the number of young and old male human beings living in different states among the USA and the result becomes clear.

All in all five states with the lowest per cent are Colorado, Florida, Washington, N. Carolina and Virginia. Five from the contrary side you may see on the picture.

The Hacks

The are Three Types of Erectile Dysfunction

So the scientist point out these three main types but of course people are individual that’s why there may be some exceptions.


the first type is caused by non physical problems such as guilt, low self-esteem or anxiety.


priapism is a persistent, usually painful erection that lasts more than four hours and occurs without sexual stimulation.

Peyronie’s Disease;

peyronie’s disease is caused by scar tissue called plaque which forms along the length of the penis in the corpora cavernosa.

There are Main Reasons

But one more question rises why men suffer from such a disorder


The first reason includes diseases and injuries influencing the erectile dysfunction such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, multiply sclerosis, spinal and brain injuries.

The first reason includes diseases and injuries influencing the erectile dysfunction such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, multiply sclerosis, spinal and brain injuries.

One more reason is surgical operations and treatments.

The last reason s psychological factors namely stress, depression, anxiety. Regarding the last reason we may figure out that such states do not surely cause erectile dysfunction but be attentive and control your emotional state.

top 5 causes of erectile dysfunction

If you suffer from this disorder you are of course interested in the idea how it can be treated. The answer is not slow to arrive.

The medical science doesn’t stand on one place and medical workers create new ways of its treatment.

The first element is injections of medication to stimulate the erection.

If your dysfunction is cause by psychological factors you may attend sex therapy to get rid of preconceptions that spoil you from enjoying the life.

Most Common Psychological Causes of ED

treatments for ed

One more way is to change your way of living to give up smoking, lose weight or go in for sport for example.

If you understand that it won’t be helpful for you you may use oral medications such as Generic Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

So we may come to a conclusion that the modern medical science gives men an opportunity and the greatest gift to prolong the sexual life due to the effective way of sustaining it.

All of The Treatments for ED?

Do not wash your hands off and ask for help if it is necessary.
It is not comfortable but only a specialist may help you to find a solution to this problem

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