Erectile dysfunction (ED or male impotence) is a common condition and is not necessary abnormal. The likelihood of its development increases with age. There are many methods of its treatment. Sometimes, a simple change of sex position, can provide a help. There are no studies that indicate superiority of some position, but it’s logical to assume that a position that involves big muscles will not facilitate achieving and maintaining an erection, because the body will supply more blood to the working musculature (instead of penile tissues).

cowgirl position for ed

Position No 1: Cowgirl

When a girl is on top, he takes an initiative, while a man can fully relax. A woman can use the following tips for cowgirl:

  • using her arms as support, to feel more safely;
  • leaning back, this will allow partner to play with her clit, and give him a pretty good view;
  • trying reverse cowgirl, this will make sex truly animalistic and crazy, improving excitation of a man and consequently, his penile hardness;
  • practicing teasing and anticipation, to make sex more playful;
  • giving up control, playing with expectations.
missionary sex position for ed

Position No 2: Classic Missionary

Traditional missionary position is often underrated. However, if you cannot achieve a desirable level of sexual satisfaction in this position, then you do something wrong. It might help to cope with ED if a couple ensures a condition when the penis enters vagina perpendicularly (a 90-degree angle). Eye contact and a seductive look of a lady might do great things.

spooning position for ed

Position No 3. Spooning

Spoons cuddling position is as follows: a woman lies on the side with knees bent while a male also lies and penetrates from behind. When you use this position, the level of penetration is swallow, but this would be helpful for erectile dysfunction. The key advantage of the position is a minimal involvement of big muscles in a male. For similar reason, spooning is often preferred by tired couples. Another advantage: a lot of cuddles, which enhance the rate of intimacy between partners.

Position No 4: Doggy Style

If an erection in a man is unstable, you can try the position of doggy style, while the legs of a woman should be widely spread (note, extra wide). If a man loses an erection, there are two options:

  • he can pull out a member to caress himself (masturbate), and then continue;
  • he can move the penis inside the vagina, but with a greased finger attached to the bottom of his penis to create a larger width.

If an erection does not occur at all, a man can focus on the pleasure of a woman: he can caress the clitoris and make back and forth movements with the fingers of one or both hands.

sex tips for ed

Some Extra Tips

The following recommendations may improve your sexual experience:

  • find the right place and time
  • increase excitement, using fingers, mouth, your imagination
  • be comfortable
  • avoid drinking too much alcohol, overconsumption might exacerbate erectile dysfunction

General Considerations

Every man, having sex, is always afraid of one thing, a ‘misfire’ in bed. Therefore, patients who begin to experience problems with erections often have psychological problems, not wanting to be aware of the disease and talk about it to their partner. This problem concerns not only men but also women. After all, the future of relationships sometimes depends on the correct behavior of the lady in such a delicate situation. She should be neat and courteous, be sure to try to find out the problem and find ways to solve it together, by choosing sex positions and appropriate natural/medicinal remedies.

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Caveat: positions for sex should which were described below should not be treated as a substitute for timely and effective medical treatment. If you see that you have problems with erection. The same tip for woman: if you see that you partner has difficulties with achieving/maintaining an erection, advise him to visit a doctor as fast as possible.

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