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While there are many available treatments for erectile dysfunction in men and it is usually clear how to treat this condition, situation with decreased libido and sexual malfunctions in the gentle sex remains perplexing. Female issues are often considered psychological so they may not receive proper attention from doctors. Moreover, there are just a few options for handling such types of disorders.

Can Levitra be Used by Ladies?

Like any PDE5 inhibitor (Viagra, Cialis, etc.), Levitra is not officially indicated for women, however, they may be administered off-label to treat female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD). This disorder develops when the organism does not respond properly to sexual stimulation. Its symptoms include:

  • decreased sexual desire or libido
  • few sex-related lines of thinking
  • less initiation of intimacy
  • decreased excitement and pleasure in bedroom
  • reduced excitation from sexual cues (for instance, when reading about sex or watching an erotic video)
  • diminished sensations during intimacy

Causes of FSAD may be different. Arousal process is complex, it includes inflow of blood to the tissues, increase in clitoris size, and production of lubricant by the vagina. Any interruption may lead to the occurrence of FSAD.

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Potential Effects of Levitra in Women

According to user experience, testimonials, and theoretical assumptions, Levitra may cause the following beneficial effects in women:

  • increased blood circulation in the pelvic area
  • improving sexual desire
  • enhanced vaginal lubrication
  • reinvigorating sensitivity to stimulation
  • eliminating dryness
  • more comfortable sexual encounters
  • improved orgasm experience

When Levitra is taken by men, their female partners experience improvements in sexual quality of life. This pretty obvious effect was demonstrated in a study by Antonio Martín-Morales et al. at Hospital Carlos Haya (Spain, 2011). 343 couples participated in this research and a considerable number of wives / girlfriends confirmed positive results.

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Are There Any Scientifically Proven Facts?

There are reports which indicate efficacy of vardenafil in reversing female anorgasmia induced by selective serotonin reuptake inhibiting (SSRI) antidepressants which commonly produce sexual dysfunctions. Scientists have concluded that vardenafil may assist some ladies with SSRI-induced arousal malfunctions.

In addition, scientists Eelke M S Snoeren, Astrid Bovens and others at Utrecht University (the Netherlands, 2011), reported that that cotreatment of subcutaneous testosterone and oral vardenafil boosted sexual activity in female rats. Sure thing, confirmation on humans is needed. All in all, further studies on feminine populations may reveal other categories of patients and conditions that are responsive to vardenafil therapy.

Summarizing, despite existence of some factual data, Levitra usage in women is less tested in comparison with Viagra (sildenafil). In addition, this medication was approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and other state regulators only for use in men.

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