drug research

Viagra, Antibiotics, and Other Meds that Were Discovered Accidentally

Many medicines were invented during a long and painstaking work aimed at the development of a specific substance that must treat a certain disease. But some medicines or their effects were discovered quite by accident. Discovery of Sildenafil's…
low libido

Can You Improve Your Libido Using Viagra?

The problem of low libido is considered more common for women than for men. Even those male persons who experience erectile dysfunction usually do not complain about lack of sexual desire. However, interest in sex can diminish in some men who…
Condoms myths

11 Myths and Truths About Condoms

Rubber condoms were invented in the XIXth century with latex ones following shortly in the early XXth century. The condom provides perfect protection (>90%) against gonorrhea, HIV, and hepatitis B. However, according to recent studies,…
fake drugs

The Dangers of Counterfeited (Fake) Viagra

Online pharmacies are a very convenient way to buy the necessary medicines, especially those for treating ED. After all, men value their privacy very much and do not want anyone to know about their problems. Unfortunately, the online pharmaceutical…
viagra antidepressants

Viagra and Antidepressants - Associated Erection Problems

In about 10-20% of cases, the cause of the development of erectile dysfunction are psychological factors. One of the psychological disorders that is often associated with ED is the ordinary depression. To cope with this disorder, many men start…
erectile dusfunction

How to Talk about Erectile Dysfunction with your Partner

Introduction Men and women are two topics ancient as the world is. So many things make them live together, love each other and believe they will be together till the end of the ages. But there are so many troubles met during this life which…
ways to prolong viagra effect

How Long Does Viagra Last?

SMART WAYS to PROLONG ITS EFFECT Males who have decided to use Viagra often wonder: How long does Viagra last? It is important for them to know how much time they have after taking the blue pill to plan sexual activity. In addition,…