How to Talk about Erectile Dysfunction with your Partner


Men and women are two topics ancient as the world is. So many things make them live together, love each other and believe they will be together till the end of the ages. But there are so many troubles met during this life which may destroy the family’s love, peace and harmony. One of such stumbling blocks is erectile dysfunction. It happens suddenly and destroys the regular, habitual way of living.

What should the couple do in such a way? Women are sometimes so intolerance to such problems because they do not have a pretty good idea how they should behave themselves.


The main idea of this article is how to talk about the erectile dysfunction with your partner because it may hurt and embarrass him. Only the realization of the erectile dysfunction emergence may make them panic, disappointed and frustrated simultaneously.

Wives should become partners not screws with this question!

 First of all you should yourself grapple with this question. You are to know as much as possible to have a clue about what you are going to talk and what you should say to him to support and find the way out. Nowadays there are so much information in the Internet medical journals, blogs, news websites. It is up to you to become an expert in this sphere, of course, it is not so pleasant but you are together to solve this problem.

The second tip is to find the right moment to speak about this occasion. In no circumstances you shouldn’t talk about it directly after the failure. It kills him because he is so ashamed in such a way you hurt him more. You may and should wait for a moment to speak to him being sure he is under a good emotional and physical condition to discuss it.

The third advice is your support. You may yourself help him to overcome this disorder because if you drop him up, he may become depressed and put his hands off. But you should arm yourself with patience. Time, energy and efforts you will need to cope with this problem. But try to realize his disorder is not a consequence of your female unattractive but a physiological process and nothing more. Attempt to find those words not full of regret but of understanding and realization. You should furnish him proofs to make him believe in you and yourself.

The next step is to allow him to understand you have his back and nothing will be changed this situation. Maybe you will suggest him undergoing the medical screening to get to know the exact reason of erectile dysfunction.

The provocative agents are proved to be high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases and testosterone level. Faster you will treat the reason quicker you will overcome sexual problems. It is very important to be attentive to your health, one disease may provoke the other. The main problem is that people do not consult the doctor as it is necessary and recommended. You should persuade him to will be helpful.

The fifth step concerns the fact that erectile dysfunction may be caused by overweight as well. You may suggest him going to the gym together to lose weight and become stronger. Only your participation may become essential in case of this disorder. It will help you to draw your family together.

As you understand you should break for sex for some time but find new occupation which help you to drift together. You may speak more about memories, events you have lived through together, you may go to the cinema to watch and discuss the film further. You should become honest and encouraging with each other to build new sincere contact among you.

But there are cases when erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological factors in such a case it is better to attend the counselor to know more and get rid of this problems.


And together with all other actions you may suggest him taking Viagra to improve the sexual life. If you are shy and ashamed to buy it in the ordinary drug store you may order them via the Internet. You may get acquainted with such drugs as Sildenafil, Cialis, Levitra and Viagra Force. These drugs serve to prolong the sexual life besides you may buy them without doctor’s prescription. Canadian Health&Care Mall provides its patients with the web drug stores where they may purchase these drugs not to be embarrassed.


If you decide you may achieve the result by your own efforts, try it. Wives should explain husbands they are not alone, you are a couple, you are together and you will cope the problem appearing in the family.

You should realize erectile dysfunction is a natural process of aging but you may control it or fight with it due to the medical technologies gifted to us.


Cialis Summary of Product Characteristics

General Information

Cialis is a preparation the main component of which is tadalafil referred to cyclic guanosine monophosphate. The influence of tadalafil on phosphodiesterase is insignificant that’s why Cialis doesn’t have any damage effect on cardiovascular system, liver function, skeletal muscles and other organs.

Mechanism of Action of CIALIS

Tadalafil doesn’t change qualitative sperm characteristics, testosterone level, follicle-stimulating and intestinal cell-stimulating hormone in blood. The effect of Generic Cialis may appear only together with sexual stimulation. The beginning of therapeutic effect comes after fifteen minutes after a pill intake. The preparation anastasis lasts during thirty six hours after oral administration.

This preparation may be ordered via Canadian Health&Care Mall and moreover Canadian Health Care recommends this preparation for people suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Active component of Cialis is able to absorb quickly in the organism after oral administration.

The plasma concentration peak of tadalafil may be achieved after two hours after intake. Bioaccessibility and the absorption speed do not depend on food intake. Almost ninety four per cent of tadalafil accumulates with serum protein.

It is a known fact that Cialis should be taken by people with erectile dysfunction. Sometimes men are so ashamed to buy Cialis in ordinary canadian pharmacies that they try to find the way out.

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How to use?

As to speak about instruction for use the drugs should be orally administered but after the doctor’s prescription. Only the doctor may select for you necessary preparation to be taken for getting rid of your health problems. It is better to take one pill before meal.

It is very important to follow strictly the doctor prescription and do not take pills unbridledly.

Side Effects

As any medical preparation Generic Cialis has its own advantages and side effects.

Side effects may vary from light to severe ones. People on this medication may have headache or dyspeptic syndrome.

Besides there are the register cases of backache, hyperemia of face, nasal blocking, myodynia, ophthalmalgia, conjunctival hyperemia, dizziness, Quincke’s edema and all these effects may be observed while tadalafil intake.


It is dangerous to take Cialis by people with hypersensitivity to tadalafil, who take organic nitrates. Tadalafil should not be prescribed to women and children under eighteen years of age.

It is not recommended to take Cialis by people with cardiovascular disorders, which do not let you come into sex intercourse, people after myocardial infraction, apoplectic seizures, people with cardiac insufficiency of the second type, unstable angina, uncontrolled cardiac arrhythmia and arterial hypotension.

Where to buy Cialis online?

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Kamagra as an Alternative to Viagra

What is Kamagra?

The active ingredient of Kamagra is sildenafil*, the same main component is used in Viagra. Kamagra as a medical preparation is known for its effectiveness. Kamagra may be ordered via Canadian Health&Care Mall at considerably attractive price.

*Read the Full article about Sildenafil Citrate.

Kamagra is the first preparation of new group of medical preparations which helps to stimulate the potency increase widening blood vessels and helps to achieve the erection.

Kamagra Side Effects

As to speak about the specific features of Kamagra it should not be taken by people with allergic reactions to sildenafil**(The link coming soon). The instruction for use should be read attentively not to mix up the preparations with which Kamagra should not be taken together. If you are sick with angina for example you should be sure the preparation for angina treatment won’t decrease the erection.

Before you begin taking Kamagra you should consult the doctor or My Canadian Pharmacy support to be sure this preparation is suitable for you.

Kamagra is a medical preparation the main goal of which is to stimulates the erection before the sexual intercourse immediately. One more point should be mentioned before taking Kamagra you should visit your personal doctor to clear out all your possible contra indications for example kidney diseases*** or disorders of cardiovascular system.

Of course, there are side effects but the same we may say about any other medical preparation but these side effects are not so severe in comparison with other preparations for erectile dysfunction treatment. Headache or dizziness are not so uncomfortable in comparison with visual impairment for example.

***Basic Information about Kidney Diseses from WebMD.

Different forms of Kamagra

Kamagra is released in the form of tablets and jelly. You may decide by yourself in what form you prefer to use this preparation. It is the only preparation in form of jelly which is very convenient for usage.

My Canadian Health Care Mall Help Desk

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Kamagra is not only effective preparation but harmless as well. It is proven for use that Kamagra may be taken by people with erectile dysfunction but you should be attentive while taking this preparation. If you have the individual hypersensitivity to sildenafil you should select another preparation to be taken for erectile stimulation.

How to Buy Kamagra from Online Pharmacy

Kamagra is the way out from the situation when you need to be able to enjoy the sexual life completely. If you decide Kamagra is suitable for you you should check out the website of Canadian Health&Care Mall and make the order. For this purpose realisation you should click on Kamagra and take it into your shopping cart. After this procedure you should pay for the order and wait for the parcel. Besides you may trace all the way of your parcel with the help of special function on the official website of this web drug store.

levitra vardenafil

Levitra at Low Price

What is Levitra

Generic Levitra is an effective preparation to treat erectile dysfunction and sexual vigor increase. This preparation stimulates the blood flow and in such a way increases the sexual vigor.


The main component of Levitra is vardenafil. Canadian Levitra as a preparation arrests such a enzyme known as phosphodiesterase. Levitra makes the elution of nitrogen oxide. Such a preparation may be ordered via Canadian Health&Care Mall, a pharmaceutical company known for its drugs shipped internationally and low prices. Everything you need is to make an order and wait for the parcel.

Everything you need to know

Levitra should be taken as a preventive measure of erectile dysfunction after the doctor’s prescription. But if you do not want to buy Levitra in ordinary drug stores you may order via Canadian Health and care Pharmacy like


As any other preparation Levitra has its advantages and disadvantages. As to speak about advantages it is first of all the effective preparation for erectile dysfunction treatment but as to mention disadvantages there are the considerable part of side effects.

Levitra Side Effects

The list is not so severe in comparison with other drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment. Side effects include headache, dizziness, rhinitis, heart rhythm disorder, inversive visual impairment, hypersensitivity reaction. Of course it seems to be not so severe but you should take these side ef Levitra, effective preparation, erectile dysfunction, sexual vigorfects into consideration.


There are the following counter indications. People with hypersensetivity to vardenafil should not take this preparation that’s why it is better to consult the doctor before Levitra intake. Canadian Health Care recommends the sufferers not to be in a hurry while choosing the medical preparation. This preparation should be taken attentively if you have compromised liver function, kidney failure, blood disease such as leukaemia, sicle-cell disease and myeloma, arterial hypotonia, pigmented retinitis, cerebrovascular accident and myocardial infraction.

It is very important to take drugs as it is written in a prescription list because the overdose of this medication may provoke the increase in side effects and the situation may become more serious as it may be imagined first of all.


It is a known fact that men are so ashamed to realize the idea that they have such a problem as erectile dysfunction. In such a way women should become a partner fro them to overcome this disorder. Really speaking it is rather difficult to live with such a health problem but you shouldn’t put your hands off. Only your diligence and insistence may help to get rid of such a disorder.

Health Care implicates the medical screening undergoing twice per year not to be involved into health troubles. Levitra is a good method to stimulate the sexual vigor before the sexual intercourse. As to speak about Levitra it is rather cheaper to order drugs via the Internet, it may help to save money, time and energy. Moreover you may read the testimonials there to become sure the preparation is an effective one and compare what effect the preparation may have upon different people because it is obvious so many men so many specific features. It is up to you to choose what kind of drugs buy and how you may buy it whether to purchase as you get used to it or order it via Canadian Health&Care Mall.